Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Break...

Wellllll I'm finally back in NJ! So I worked 6 hours last night instead of 4. I was having too much fun... cuz Steve kept me in the back which means I didn't have to deal with customers. I was filleting chicken for an hour (although it shouldn't be called filleting because all it is is breaking the tendons to open the chicken pieces wider) and then started doing fries and eventually got to work boards! Yippee!!! There was another guy there but he was realllly out of it and wasn't being much help. He's new and I don't think he really likes the need to be quick. I asked him once to get a four strip (before Steve showed me where everything was) and he took 5 minutes to get it. I got to put together chargrills and clubs too. Too bad they can't officially train me in the back because I leave soon. Steve said he had never seen someone catch on to working boards so quickly before. I actually think it shouldn't be hard to catch on to after working up front. Because I work up front, I know what is in all the orders and it's not hard to remember how to make the stuff. You just have to be organized. I had fun doing it! I didn't have anything due this week, so I told Beth I could stay until closing which thrilled her and especially Steve because John was being so useless. He actually let John go early because he wasn't doing anything. Poor guy. I really enjoyed working in the back and I was glad Steve kept me back there. The one girl, Heather, can be hard to work with sometimes, and she was up front. I don't think Steve is Heather's number one fan, so he had no problem letting me stay in the back. Heather is just very... nervous. She informed me that she's only hyper once or twice a year but I think she's hyper every day of her life. It's hard to describe her. I don't mind her, but she can be hard to work with -- especially when she's in a bad mood.

There was a customer that got mad at Beth last night. Beth had gone to the bathroom and had left her keys just in case we needed to get ones or fives. Steve didn't know that and went running around looking for Beth to get the keys. Beth had actually come out of the bathroom and she looked down to see if we had a line or anything and only saw one person and figured we were fine. She then ran a quick errand, not realizing that that one customer was giving us problems. Steve finally got the drawer open and they gave the woman her change (she was apparently only on a 30 minute break) and the woman was saying that it wasn't our fault but it was the manager's fault and that she shouldn't do that to us just to "go shopping" (which Beth would never do) and she said she'd call Chick-fil-A and report it. Beth called her aunt and uncle (Betty is the owner) and told them what happened and they said it was ok.

So anyway, I got back around 10:15ish and didn't get any homework done. I was going to go to sleep but then SunHee suddenly decided to climb up on my bed and keep me from sleeping. We were making shadow puppets on the wall and then we started asking each other questions in Korean and Tagalog and we would try to guess the answer. Then I managed to expand my Korean vocabulary from 2 words to 5. She could never say "Maganda" but would always mix it up and say "Madanga." Haha. Dyslexia. I actually wasn't even tired, so I didn't mind. We have a lot of fun rooming together and I wish she was coming back next year.

Today I went to OT... and then to work. There was a new girl being trained and she seemed to catch on pretty quickly because she was working the register already. I didn't touch the register on the first day... but then again, Beth didn't make me. I think Jon kinda made Deisha try. I remember my first day. I was convinced I wasn't cut out for that kind of work... but hey, I got used to it and I pretty much like it. Steph, Rachel, and Heather came up today and yelled "WE WANT TO EAT MORE CHICKEN!!!" so they could get free 4-packs. Heh.

Oh yeah, there was an incredibly obese customer last night that ordered and asked to value size it. I didn't want to give it to him cuz he was HUGE!!! Tsk, tsk. Never argue with the customers... even if it puts them at greater risk of a heart attack.

So I should definitely work on my Luke exam, but I'm not. Instead I did my BI assignment. I need to start working on the final chart of Obadiah... I hate charts. I'm not creative enough. Oh well.


Chuck said...

Hey Girl,
What's up with the purple dots?
How many days until you head to PI?
Will you take a small package to somecallmemom?
What does the "zxltkqfb" mean that I have to type in?
Do I ask too many questions?
Is that enough?
Why am I not normal?
Later Tater

katie said...

i like front so much better than back. but back is still fun. i haven't been in back since my first 2 weeks.. i've always been out front since the 3rd week, but he put me on the schedule for back on Tuesday next week.

our boss told us about the "we went to eat more chicken" thing but so far, no one has done it. i guess the customers don't know about it. haha. :)