Monday, April 10, 2006

Pretty spring day!

Well I haven't really said anything since last Monday, so yacking time with Becky is up next! I survived last week with quizes and exams and work and all that stuff and it just gets better! Next week is a killer with EVERYTHING due. Waaah. Basically gonna die.

So things that happened last week:
* Work
* "Joy ride" with Jaci into Philly only to find out that our ministry was canceled and we didn't know it
* Thursday night ambulance at the guy's dorm and then a firedrill
* Janita's surprise birthday party
* Crazy Saturday work because we were 4 people short

So yeah! Basically the week was fine... just kept on doing homework and fighting off the hoards of people coming for Chick-fil-A. Oh and Rylee Oliff was born so we didn't have Four Gospels on Friday.

Janita's bday was nice. It was supposed to be "girl's night out" until we found out that Janita turns 18 on Easter. Sooo we kept Janita still thinking that's all it was but ended up making it a surprise bday. So we went to the Olive Garden and there were 2 PBU girls working there... too bad we didn't get a discount. So I split a pizza with Danae para tipid. =) As for the hat picture, that was at Aeropostale. We were just goofing off -- took the picture for fun. At least we didn't get in trouble. Oh yeah, and I found my Bible. I lost it at the mall the other day.

There is much reading and stuff to be done so I must go now. Have a wonderful week.
And here are some pics for your enjoyment -- it shows how much college has matured and sobered me:


somecallmemom said...

Where did you find your Bible?

Chuck said...

Also, I'd like to know HOW you find a Bible in a mall? Was it in the food court?

Crazy pictures!! Looks like you still using the Pantene?