Friday, April 14, 2006


Yay for Easter break!!! I FINISHED THE LUKE TAKE-HOME EXAM!!! WOOHOO!!!! I don't think I did well on the first question (it's worth 25 points... *sigh*) nor the 15-pt one. Oh well!!! And there was another one that probably required more of a dispensational answer than the one I gave. Heh.

Chapel was crowded on Wednesday... I think people are running out of skips. I had to sit in the back with all the bad people who talk all throughout chapel. I saw Jon sitting in chapel (he's the son of my boss at Chick-fil-A). I saw him at work and told him that he looked sooo interested in chapel (he was reading a book)... hah he kinda stopped and then said, "Um.. well... I have senioritis."

I can't believe how quickly the semester went... which means next year I'll be a sophomore! Woot! That means we get to register for classes the day before the freshmen. Hehe. PBU seriously needs to find out a better way to register for classes.

Jejunum: Middle portion of the small intestine
(I thought the sound of the word was cool... guess what I'm studying!)

I accomplished my Biblical Intro assignment and I hope to write my Old Testament book summaries tomorrow, perhaps a reflection paper for John, and just maaaaybe write my Anatomy and Physiology paper ("Fearfully and Wonderfully Made")!!!

THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH NEXT WEEK IS WE HAVE WHITE GLOVE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SunHee and I want to clean really hard cuz the prizes are good... I think. Hehe. Oh well. Our dorm won cleanest dorm last semester.
Enough yacking and back to Anatomy and Physiology. (Suuure, I definitely am gonna need that class for teaching elementary kids...)

EDIT// I meant a reflection paper ON the gospel of John... not FOR John as if I called Mr Oliff John. Heh, not that anyone noticed or cared... and for your pleasure, here's a typical Oliff line, "To be perfectly John with you (since I can't be "Frank")..." Speaking of Oliff, I wonder what's it's like to be in the classroom next to him or even in the hall. He makes us jump because he randomly yells and then drops down to a really soft whisper. He went over to the door and suddenly yelled "LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!!!!!!" in an incredibly loud voice. I think he likes loud music. He informed us that he got a new sound system and really likes it because he wants to be able to hear his music playing while he's mowing his lawn... okkkkk...

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