Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I survived BI. And if it weren't for the 25 pt. chart, I think I did well. Now to dedicate my life to Mark. This week will be over eventually! Sorry the picture is not the greatest... I was leaning over the railing and Christy was waiting for me anyway.

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I lived on this road?

Edit// I got a 79 on the midterm. UGH!!! I must have goofed on the chart (not enough observations I bet... I get 70's on those charts) or else messed up a lot of other things that I thought I hadn't. I guess I'll never be a good tester. If you want the A, you have to try a little bit harder -- but how much harder can you try??? Danae even quizzed me and everything. I worked so hard for that, but oh well. My conscience is clear -- I gave it my all and I worked incredibly hard for that 79, so I guess that's all. In the long-run, it's not the most important thing. Hehe.

One of the customers at work today had 6 kids -- 2 sets of twins. I want 2 sets of twins... no wait, I want to be a twin. Hehe. She said that when she was little, she always wanted 10 kids and wanted to be a mother... but she only has 6 cuz her husband said "no more!" Four girls and 2 boys.

Ok, now to work on Mark yet again. It's a multiple choice exam, but it's detailed. He hasn't written it yet either... and his wife is due anytime. One guy said "I hope she gives birth at 12 on Friday." Then again, he'd probably still give the exam by having someone else do it. Oh well. Can you believe we have 4 weeks left until finals and we've had 1 out of 4 exams in that class?!

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