Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Break!!!

YAY! Finally, it's Spring Break! And after Spring Break, we have 6 more weeks and then finals!!! I'm going to spend break taking a break... and studying. Heh. I have a quiz the day I get back (for Four Gospels -- have to start memorizing the verses) and then the Mark exam! (And Oliff was sick Monday and Wednesday -- hence more studying for us!) Also have papers and the week after, I have a midterm for BI which covers everything from the beginning of the semester. Yeah, so basically life is gonna be one happy party when I get back to school.

Thursday, Jaci and I went to my ministry. I helped Kelli with her homework. She had some sort of reading comprehension thing which looked frighteningly like the SAT. The only thing was that her teacher gave it to her just as homework... It had long passages to read and then about 5 questions to answer from it. Kelli really can't read. At least she can't read well. She also has a short attention span. I read her the passages and she sort of payed attention... and then she answered the questions. She guessed half of the answers and I made her actually read the questions out loud. That's when I discovered how poor her reading is! She couldn't recognize so many words like "impossible" or other simple words like that. She's in 5th grade. If she keeps this up, she's going to die when she hits the PSAT. It took her like 5 minutes to actually read one of the questions. She would have been at it for 3 hours if she were doing it alone... and she probably would have given up and guessed everything. Her vocab is really poor too. It probably doesn't help that she has a really bad home situation.

Some of the kids wanted to play outside, so I went out with them under the condition that if they started fighting, they'd be sent in. Anyway, guess who I had the delight of watching outside? Not just Kelli. Kelli, Krista, and Kearstin -- the three worst of all. They're fine by themselves (except Kearstin is pretty hard to deal with alone too) and TERRIBLE when they're all together. Kelli and Krista are sisters and Kearstin is their bratty cousin. She has SUCH an attitude problem. Her favorite line is "OH MY GOSH! I'M AIN'T PLAYIN NO MORE!!!" (and then pouts and stomps off...) Suuuch an annoying little child. She has red hair and green eyes -- a pretty child, but quite an ugly disposition.

There was a little kid that came to Chick-fil-A and Sara (coworker) asked her "What grade are you in?" The little obnoxious brat said, "Third. And I'm nine. And I'm smart. And I'm pretty." She was really obnoxious. Then another girl came up and said "I just want to let you know that I think you're all so awesome." When I was 8, I didn't talk like that... or maybe I did... hehehe. It was funny in a weird sort of way. There was a 4 year old girl once that walked straight up to the counter and ordered exactly what she wanted. She acted like she owned the place... and she knew exactly what to say to order which probably means she eats out a lot. There are some interesting customers out there.

Oliff is back. He informed us that if we wanted to know how to lose 15 lbs in 4 days, talk to him. He said he doesn't remember ever being so sick. He's already really skinny and very high-strung, so I guess losing 15 lbs wasn't very good for him. I'm afraid the Mark exam will rely much on our own studying of the passages, which will make life difficult because I never seem to come up with what he wants... and I never seem to come up with fabulous discoveries like other people in the class sometimes come up with. Yada. Today we discussed the significance of the "naked dude" (to quote a classmate) and a comparative analysis on the wilderness temptation stories.

Soo... anyway! Andy is socializing right now... with the guys. And I'm here tap-tapping away. La de da. Toodles!

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