Thursday, March 30, 2006

There has to be a better way...

Online registration stinks. This confirms my suspicion -- I should become a college drop-out. Plus, I can't even access the ECC webservices to register for summer classes. So basically if peeps don't drop courses, I have 11 credits and can't stay at PBU. (I think someone will drop something over the summer) But whatever -- it's a sign. NO MORE COLLEGE FOR ME.

The most annoying thing is that right now, on MWF I have a class at 8am and a class at 2pm. HAH!!! Elizabeth and Janita were able to get all their courses. Nice for them. The whole server jammed up and I had to keep redoing my cart 5 times and then I had to restart my computer. The guys dorm was quite noisy with much yelling and screaming and at one point, "IT BROKE!!!"

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