Monday, March 27, 2006

BI midterm will be the death of me

If I start studying now, I can study for 6 hours straight... but who wants to study BI for 6 hours?!?! I'm done all my other homework basically... except for studying for BI and Four Gospels... oh and A&P. There's a lot in that too. UGH!!! I don't think I'll survive.

It's such a nice day out. There are flowers coming up too... daffodils outside our dorm! Cool!!! And pretty pink flowers outside the MAC. I was going to take a close-up picture of them but I didn't do it yet... cuz I didn't have my camera on me. One of these days! They're sooo pretty!

There are peeps playing frisbee out in the field... and I think that's why I can't study! Waaah! It's 4pm and I got out of class at 1. Since then I have accomplished: word study for BI, laundry. Tis a sad fact. Oh well!!!



somecallmemom said...

I must say, I like your old background better. This one is clever and all, but hard to read!

Chuck said...

Yes, I agree! Buy maybe "somecallmemom" and I are getting old!

My daffs were prettier - so there.


Benaya said...

Hey Becks,
Inspired by my flower picks? lol, Well they are pretty anyway. This blogging thing is kinda fun:-)