Friday, March 17, 2006

Spring Break is almost over... =(

Last night I slept over at the Carlson's. 'Twas much fun... and brought back a lot of childhood memories. Funny, it was like seeing my childhood all over again because Sheryl is sooo much like me. (Hint: emotional ups and downs within 5 minutes) Funny, it reminded me of a little girl who cried on her 13th birthday because her dad told her she could go to the market alone now. Time flies... I wonder what happened to that girl. Now I see her sorting out college schedules, greeting total strangers from behind the fast-food counter with complete ease, talking to her advisor with no problem, and yes, going to the store alone. Doing things you don't like to do builds character -- and it's true.

Julie also reminds me of me... when I was her age. So basically I was much like Sheryl until I was around 14 and then more like Julie for the rest. Andrew is sort of similar to Andy... and definitely Pastor Bart and my dad are alike and even Mrs Carlson and my mom. Sheryl was weeping over her math and her dad was talking to her about it. I felt like I was hearing myself talking to my dad but from a viewer perspective now, having passed that stage. I told Sheryl that I knew exactly how she was feeling and that I never understood math until I got to college, so she has some hope. =) I did my studying with them while they were doing their schoolwork. I was inspired to study because they were studying. Hehe. So I got a lot done. Yay. 'Twas fun being there... reminded me of my childhood.

I made brownies and they're probably done now. I should go down and check them. Besides, I can't type anymore. The world is shaking back and forth. I'm dizzy. Who knows why.... sometimes things just start shaking back and forth. I'm gonna throw up... whatever. Toodles.

Going to Dizon's tonight.


somecallmemom said...

Your childhood was so long ago!!

Becky said...

I never said that. It just sort of ended abruptly.