Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

The title has nothing to do with anything.

Ok, ok, I'm blog writing, but I'm not really in the writing mood anyway. The reason I'm writing is cuz I'm waiting for Christy to get out of class so we can go eat lunch. My Four Gospels class was cancelled again cuz Mr O is sick... again! So far this semester we've missed 4 classes because he's gotten sick. That will kill us for the Mark exam. Oh well. La de da. Still nice not having class.

BI was interesting today. We were discussing types of figures of speech. Then we split the class in half and quizzed back and forth. It was funny... Seth picked on me and of course I didn't know the answer so when it was my turn, I picked on him for revenge. Michelle was hotly contesting on the score. For some reason Dr Emmons was in a much more laid-back mood (hey, he shot a rubber band at CJ and me) and it was a cool class. Plus, I was awake. =)

I was panicking about the math homework cuz my diagrams weren't turning out properly. Thankfully she went over it in class and I think I understand it now. Math exam here I come. AHH!!! Then I was worried about a vocab quiz in A&P, but it was moved to Friday because Dr Beach left an old message about it being postponed from last year and half the class thought it was moved. Yay. The sad thing is we don't get to watch the video on the miracle of birth or something. (We'll probably get to watch it after break) One of the guys in the front said, "YESSS!!!" when he found out we weren't watching it Friday.

I found that if I have music playing, my screensaver doesn't kick in. Anyway, last night, I turned my volume down and forgot I had music playing... so I think the cd has been on repeat for 15 hours. Hehe.

Um, MuKappa! Well... someday I'll describe the skits. Not now. Don't feel like writing a giant epistle on it. I'll post pics eventually.

Ok, Mrs. Wasson served soup and salad. Oh, and chocolate cake. Yummy, yummy chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Did I mention it was chocolate?

Our Four Gospels exams change every year, apparently... they change as Oliff discovers new things. Many of the questions are based on class discussion, which means that there are 5 people that establish what happens in class. 'Tis true. There are only about 5 other people that really get into the discussions and take up all the time with their insights and stuff. It's fine, but some exam questions are based off of things they say in class.

What did my advisor say? Lots! She's cool... anyway, she said it's not a question of how fast I can get out, but what I want to do with my life. She said when she was starting, she wasn't sure if she would really want to teach elementary. Then she went to Faith Academy as an elementary teacher and absolutely LOVED it. Now she is a college professor working on her doctorate (I think...)! Sometimes she said she wants to give up and just go back to Faith because she loved it there and it was easier, but this is where God put her. Anyway, little commentary on my advisor. Soo... she said I could get out with my masters in 5 years, which most schools don't offer. The little catch is that I would have to study a lot of summers to get through. Little hitch there -- summers are for earning money to actually afford this school! She also said that I could take a semester of general education courses (Lit and Arts, sociology, physical science, philosophym cultural anthropology, American history, foreign language) at Willy P, as long as I don't go over the limit of what I can transfer. Many people, and my advisor, strongly suggest I take Sociology over the semester somewhere else because the *cough* profesor that teaches it here isn't... the... ideal... yeah. I could take early childhood which is basically preschool kind of teaching, but that's still the same time. Another option is social work, but I'd have to meet with Lloyd Gestoso to ask what's involved with it. The last option is Bible Education, which is a shorter program, and certifies me to teach Bible K-12. It would certify me by ACSI but not the state. Maybe I'll just drop out of school and dress up as a cow and pass out samples of chicken nuggets for Chick-fil-A. HAHAHAHA!!! So yeah, basically I have to decide what I want to do. I do want to come back next semester, but I don't really know if I want to continue with el ed. And I do want to take sociology over the summer somewhere else. The End


Anonymous said...

Dress up as a cow? That's utterly ridiculous and I wouldn't steer you wrong.


Becky said...

um. ha. ha. ha. funny.

katie said...

our sample ladies don't dress up as cows, they just wear whatever. they're both old, so... i don't think they'd want to dress up as a cow anyway. they probably couldn't chat with the customers as easily, either.

yeah we have far too much fun at work. and the night manager, philip, is no help, he's usually goofing off with the rest of us. the only day that we're really pretty normal is saturday because a. we're too busy to have fun and b. our boss works (well he works everyday, but i mean that he bags our orders or goes on register or on backboards or something that he usually doesn't do on weekdays). so when he works, no one really goofs off.

Anonymous said...


I got my eyes on you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm praying that God will guide you in the way you should go. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your steps. But don't be hasty - it's hard to change horses in midstream.