Saturday, March 25, 2006

My pleasure! Have a great day! Your straw is in the bag...

Hello mga peeps! Huh? Mga peeps? Baduy naman!!! What do you call that? A double plural? Mga is plural 'tas peeps -- plural na rin!

Back in NJ for overnight. I attempted to wake up at 7 this morning, but I really only got up at 8. Tsk tsk... bad me. Oh well, I still managed to finish reading Luke and then begin my Anatomy and Physiology chapter. Heh, before Four Gospels I didn't realize how different the Gospels were and the different things emphasized.

I made a customer mad today. Oops bad me. I didn't realize there were people behind the last person I served and so I just closed my register and walked off. Some lady asked to speak to the manager and said, "I just want you to know that she just walked off and closed her register and I had been standing in line for a long time." OOPS. Beth understood and just told me that next time I should tell them to move to the next line because my register would be closing soon. She said that people often get mad anyway. Wow, nice people.

What would think if someone came up to you with his mouth full and said, "I ordered a 12-piece chicken nuggets and I only have 10 here." HAHAHAHA I wonder why. I should have said to the kid, "You mean NOW you only have 10." I was too busy cracking up at him. I think he was around 10.

I also made a kid at ministry mad. He was not behaving and was running around when he was supposed to be doing homework. I was one of the leaders downstairs so I spoke to him. First he told me he wasn't "afraid of no time out." I told him if he got up one more time, he'd go into time out. I wonder what will happen when that child becomes a teenager. I'm positive if he had a gun, he would have pulled it on me. Finally I had enough of him and went up to talk to Trish because I couldn't handle him. (And he kicked his cousin in the head.) As I was walking up, I heard him say, "Snitch." Trish talked to him and he wouldn't look at her and he was basically steaming. Trish said he was like that all week and she had no idea what his problem was. Later on he walked up to me while I was sitting and took his hand and crossed it below my knee and said, "I'll saw your leg off." I bet if he had a saw, he'd do it. He's a sad kid -- it wasn't just normal kid anger. He was mad at something and something must have happened to him. A lot of these kids are really sad... and even their education is pretty poor. Sometimes those kids drive me insane and often times I forget the meaning of "ministry." I often see it as something like a class -- a requirement -- and forget the ministry aspect. Luke shows Jesus' compassion for the lost sheep of Israel very clearly in his gospel and many times I forget who I am -- one who is supposed to be showing the love of Christ to these children with undying souls. But anyway... yeah.

I need to try to write my Four Gospels reflection paper before I go to bed tonight... and try to read more A&P and do internet labeling (which I just remembered). My friends think it's sick the way I work to stay ahead, but if I didn't, I think I'd be completely dead. I mean, even keeping ahead, I still have so much to do. Imagine if I didn't keep up! Maybe it's cuz I'm a slow learner and have to work for everything. Oh well. La de da.

Over and out.

EDIT// HEY! It's only 9pm! And I did the internet labeling and wrote the paper! YAY! I was inspired. A and P here I come!!!

EDIT OF THE EDIT// HAHA I started to read A&P and didn't feel like reading the whole thing -- it's so long!!! So I'll do it Monday. Heh. Then I started playing with the html codes. Baduy ba??? As Kim would say, e paano? (Connection?!?)


Anonymous said...

Hiyee Becky!

It's ok. I'll just wait for the 1689 then, whenever you have time. I was actually thinking of printing some chapters from the internet.

Anyway, grabe... people 'round there get mad often huh?! That's sad... and even that kid who wants to have your leg sawn off is a really sad thing to hear about... actually not sad but terrible! I'm sure you will, little by little, learn the meaning and value of "ministry" as you go on with it... hehe! Keep going Becks, keep up the faith!

Oh, one more thing... please do remind me ahead of time about your visit back to the Philippines so that I could prepare some stuff I would like to send some peeps in our church through you.

Ok, you take care Becks!

It's me,

katie said...

you put straws in the bags? we put napkins in the bag with the food and that's it besides sauce. the straws are out front along with the ketchup, mayo, honey roasted bbq, salt, pepper, sugar, and whatever else is out there. haha... ppl ALWAYS ask me where the napkins are. i'm like "there should be some in the bag for you". haha, the last place they'd look.

Chuck said...

That's a terrible photo of you in the profile! Your head gets lost in the glare.

Check out my blog. Scrolling pizza ovens! What could be better?


Chuck said...

Here's an idea for spring break next year: