Friday, March 24, 2006


Well guess who's changing majors? ME!!! But I'll still be in school for 5 years. I will be switching to Early Childhood cuz I don't really want to teach beyond 3rd grade. (Which surprised Mrs. Kloth -- I saw her today walking down the hall!) I can't go to Pre-K because it limits me. Graduating with Early Childhood gives me a Bible degree, an education degree, a PA Instructional I, and ACSI. I can go back to teach possibly at Faith Academy without my masters and only take it if I really want it. I can also do TESOL at the extension school there or with a Bible school in the Philippines that just began the program. AND, although Faith usually requires 2 years teaching in the States before going abroad, Miss Mac said that they'd probably let me go right away. The reason why they ask for 2 years is to get used to teaching before going abroad and trying to adjust to the country. But since I grew up there, I should be able to get in without the 2 years here first. (That is, if I want to teach at Faith for a bit) So yeah! If I throw in a summer, I can get done quicker. Miss Mac suggested asking the Waltons if they'd take in a boarder for 6 weeks. Hehe. They were missionaries in the Philippines for 20 years. But anyway, yeah...

I should study now cuz we might watch either Pride and Prejudice or The Scarlet Pimpernel tonight. See ya

P.S. Chocolate quote for March 24: "Men, coffee, and chocolate are all better rich."

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Anonymous said...

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