Tuesday, March 21, 2006

La la la...

Ok, here's "In Christ Alone" although it's not the most attractive sounding version.

Today was pretty good, although I really haven't started studying. Bad me! Anyway, I worked until 3 because Jon told me to. We had an interesting time at work. First, Ken and I were nonstop working for an hour and a half. Then it started lightening up and Jon came out. I got talking to Jon about PBU and Jon asked what church I went to and I said Trinity usually and when he found out it was reformed, he said "High five!" Haha. He is Covenantal and Calvinistic and also Presbyterian. I asked him how Jon (his son Jon) was going to PBU if he doesn't even agree with it all. Actually, for the first year he want to Calvary or something in California and all his credits transfered to PBU and also it was near home. He can't wait to get out, though. He's actually in seminary. He's trying to get a PhD in Church History and he's going to some school in Boston, but I can't remember what it was. So yeah, meanwhile Ken was just standing there and Jon turns to him and says, "So are you a Christian?" His cousin is Rich -- the homeschooler and one of the managers. Apparently he's a professing Christian. Anyway, Ken said, "Well sort of but not really. I mean I'm not an atheist. And I believe in God." Wow, that got Jon all ready. After we took the next few customers, Jon turned to Ken and said, "Ok, let's talk theology and find out how in the middle you are." He then proceeded to ask Ken what he believed about God (and basically Ken doesn't believe God can control everything because of the bad things that happen to people) and what he believed about Jesus. He then discussed Christ as begotten of the Father, fully God yet fully man. There was some stuff about the inerrancy of Scripture and Ken didn't believe it was the word of God because he said there were inconsistencies in it. Jon then told him that there weren't any inconsistencies, although it might look like there are and talked about how if it is God's word, there can be no errors. He brought in the resurrection and faith and stuff. Ken made a comment, "Well it's all feeling" and Jon said "It's faith. If it were feeling, I wouldn't believe." In the end, Ken said something like "I believe in God, but I don't know much about the Bible or anything and a part of me doesn't really want to know." Jon then told him, "Yes, but in this matter, what you choose to believe will have eternal effects." I don't know what Ken thought about that, and then he went on break. Later Jon said to me, "Well, our responsibility is to share the gospel and pray that God works in his heart." It was pretty cool. Oh yeah, Jon (although I still think I should call him and Betty Mr. and Mrs. Bonomo or something like Tito or Tita because just calling them Jon and Betty is waaay too weird) is Betty's husband and Betty is actually the owner of Oxford Valley Mall Chick-fil-A branch. (Although Jon is practically co-owner/top manager cuz he's Betty's husband.)

Then I went to Baby Genius, the preschool/day care place and they said I could just give them a call and then come hang out with the kids. YOU KNOW WHAT?! THAT PLACE TAKES KIDS SIX WEEKS OLD TO SIX YEARS OLD!!! WHAT MOTHER LEAVES THEIR KIDS AT SIX WEEKS?!?!?! The woman said she'd put me with the 5-6 year olds cuz they learn more things than the little kiddies. But the little kiddies are soooo cute and they get to sing songs and play with play dough. HAHA. We'll see... I'll see if I can get in maybe tomorrow or something, but I work tomorrow. Maybe Friday since I work Saturday.

Anyway, gotta go. Toodles!

PS -- I forgot. Yesterday was Rita's free water ice for the first day of spring. I went with Susan, Sunhee, and Christy (haha Asians) and Chris brought another car load of people. When we got there, Mel showed up and it was practically a dorm event. =) And here are some pics:

Do we look alike? People say we do... and people have also said that we both look Indian. I have more pix from Rita's and stuff but the thing is refusing to work. It's a sign: DO YOUR HOMEWORK

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katherine said...

wow i wish our conversations at work went more like that. that would be awesome. how did you like ritas?