Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Um... hello

Hi people.

1.) It's Kait's bday today. We ate lunch in between my shifts.
2.) I am madly pulling together a play on 3 of Aesop's fables. It's pretty stressful trying to get it together in 2 weeks.
3.) I got kicked out of Penndel and moved into freshmen housing with Meghan. She is a nice girl, we get along well, but she goes to bed at 3am. I am going to email the director since I already called Student Life.
4.) I went to the Carlson's and surprised Kaitlyn by showing up for her bday dinner.
5.) I got embarrassed in class cuz the prof told the entire class that I had the top score. I like community college cuz I feel smart. People don't work as hard, so it makes me look like a genius. Plus I did all the extra credit just in case. HAHA. The whole class was a little ticked off at me. (In a teasing way, though.)
6.) We got out of class early. And then I sat on the front porch and talked to CJ for 45 mins. It's cooler outside than in.
7.) Praxis coming up -- madly studying. Busy life.
8.) Tracie said that I have 4 days to decide whether to change schools and take the full-time teaching position because I would be taken before the other applicants. Haha I wish. She wanted me to go to Willy P at night and work full-time in the day. Not happening.
9.) I will be working 2 hours every Monday before driving back to PA this upcoming semester.

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HaPi said...

naks...busy girl na.congrats on the top score! you're such a genius! =)