Monday, August 14, 2006


Had a really good day yesterday. (I have a few pics, but I didn't put them on my comp yet) Three baptisms -- Josh, Catherine, and "Susan." Susie didn't canonball, so that was good. *coughSusiecough* I stayed at church for lunch -- twas good. Rich joined us at our table (which consisted of Julie, Corinne, Sheryl, Holly, and Heidi D. (visiting for Susie's baptism) , and me. Anyway, Rich told Sheryl to try to stay quiet for a long time, and I didn't realize EVERYONE was doing it, so I started talking to Julie. Haha. Rich said "Wow, I thought Becky would be the last to talk." Heh, I didn't even know I was playing! Interesting times... I told him to bring his snake into day care since he said it makes kids shut up. "Now [insert snake's name cuz I forgot what it is] likes it very quiet, so you all have to be as quiet as you can be!" THEY ALL DO IT!!! I'm getting a snake!!!!!! (It's a boa actually)

Went to Josh's afterwards. Laura was with me... I wonder if she'll ever ride with me again. *cough* Don't ask... managed to squeeze Josh's fridge in the Jetta. (I rented his fridge for the semester... when you go to PBU, you should have your own food to back up the cafeteria food.)

Speaking of food, Mr B was talking to me about Ashley's experience at Csehy. She liked PBU, but didn't like the food AT ALL. HAHA!!! PBU is getting famous for their food. (famous?)

Anyway, we have a new teacher at TOS. Her name is Miriam and she's from Peru. She's nice... she came over 6 years ago I think. She married an American ("I like Gringos").

I found out James is only 3 and he's turning 4. WHAT?!?!? There are some very smart 3-year-olds out there... Bryan and James are good examples. They're Asian... must mean something... *stereotype stereotype* =) James is an interesting child. He cracks me up. He's often heard making nonsense sounds like "Bop boop bah bayyy" -- hence we get along. =)

TA-TA folksies! It's dinner time!

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