Saturday, August 19, 2006

Today I...

...bought more books! Agh... stupid PE book costs too much.

I bought:

Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness


Introduction to Postmodernism

In the mail today I got...

Literature for Children

I am definitely happier with my Church History and Integrated Language Arts book deals. Those were bargains. These were semi-bargains. *sigh* Besides, the Church History and Integrated Language Arts books were in basically brand new condition.

Today I also...

*Printed out syllabi and wrote out all the assigments and things due in my planner
*Finally did my laundry and caught up on ironing
*Did not touch an unhealthy thing once yet and it's 4:41pm
*Woke up wide awake at 6:45 (cuz I heard CJ's beeeeep beeeeep alarm in his room... yes, I am that sensitive to alarms) and had to gargle cuz my throat was TERRIBLY sore. I was going to get up, but figured it was my last day to sleep in for a long time, so I went back to sleep. HAHA
*Started to sort out stuff for school
*Put stuff up for sale on hoping somebody will buy some textbooks off of me

Oh yes, yesterday I went minigolfing with Gmother and Gfather. I have pics but they are not on my computer yet. I also backed Andy's car up the driveway. Woohoo for finally getting the hang of backing up.

EDIT// WOAH! I just sold my sociology book! Sweeeet!

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karl is a bat groupie said...

next week we need to party hardy cuz you're leaving