Thursday, August 10, 2006


Pinto at ilaw

Ilaw sa dilim


The kettle

"He took my blood. And it was my favorite blood. I like my blood." -- James, when another kid accidentally gave him a little scratch

P.S. Staring for a while at the word "blood" makes me think it's spelled wrong. And why is it spelled like that?! It doesn't sound like blood as in blued. It should be blud. *random*

"I want some!" -- Kelssie
"No!!!" -- Shahan
"But I want some! Want some!!!" -- Kelssie
"No!!!" -- Shahan
"Shahan, tell Kelssie, 'No cuz you already had 3 pieces!'" -- Tracie
"No, Kelssie, cuz you need to lose weight." -- Shahan

More random pictures


the most beautiful person you know said...


oldgreybeard said...

word for today: fpsokwps

just call it mosquito juice like Aunt Barbara does

Kaitlyn the Wise said...

I like that "It's my favorite blood" HAHA!

What's up with the pictures of the hall light?

Me myself and I said...

Pictures of the hall light are cool

Greasy said...

like that B&W pic. artistic!