Monday, August 07, 2006


I got out of class early tonight and should probably be writing my paper rather than sitting here writing this. Oh well! So much for that! I'm too tired anyway. I almost fell asleep putting kids to sleep.

So Friday I worked 9 hours. I only had 3 kids for half the time and then Parisa for the rest of the day. Ethan and Justin left at 12 and Parisa took a nap until 2:30. The reason I was left behind was technically so I could have some study time. Then Tracie gave me a 3+ hour project of sorting out their millions of videos. Oh well.

I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday and I left 20 mins getting-lost time, yet still got lost. Where did I get lost?!? OFF OF BLOOMFIELD AVE. Well, technically not lost. I mean I know how to get back, but I missed the turn, so tried the next, and circled around and bumped into the road I was supposed to be on but didn't know whether to go right or left and ended back on Bloomfield and then turned the wrong way again and had to turn around at PathMark and started to go out a no-left-turn exit and backed up leaving a bewildered policeman staring at me in his giant SUV and then finally got there late, but we didn't start until 8:20 anyway. Ok, we were supposed to start before 8:20, but the very bad proctor told us to fill out all the info (like name, test codes, etc) and just start when we were done. SO we were all sitting there waiting for him to say go and he never did. But anyway, the test ended at 12:15.

As the previous post said, I went to the Resevoir Tavern for dinner.

CJ has jeepy back on the road. I backed his jeep in today. Sometimes I amaze myself. Really -- his jeep is nice cuz it is open and much higher up.

Here are some miscellaneous pics -- day care, birthday, etc.

RockYou slideshow

And now for two videos (we are on a roll today!)

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