Saturday, August 12, 2006

A stupid post

Dear Diary,

Today is a sunny day. I wore a sweatshirt part of the day. It was cold.

STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just too dumb for words.

Ok, so I am going to post some random pictures here. But first of all, let me tell you about my splendiferous day.

After going to bed at 1am, I slept in LATE LATE LATE! I woke up at 6:10 automatically, but then, happy thought, it is Saturday! Not only is it Saturday, but the Praxis is OVER and I don't have to go to that! So happy me went back to sleep (all the while thinking guiltily about that verse in Proverbs...) and eventually woke up at 8:30. Usually I'm working at 8:30! But anyway...

I got back to my paper writing. I do not like my paper, but that's ok. I'll turn it in as a rough draft. It's a little different from the original plan, but whatever.

I then proceeded to write up a study guide for the exam. I was on my 5th mini essay when I realized, to my dismay, that the chapter 9 questions are due on Monday! Grief overwhelmed me and my book slipped through my shaking hands. (NOT) I had no way out, no consoloation. My friends had deserted me to cleaning their rooms. (At least that was KAIT'S version of the story... I could have done something with SUSIE! So Susie and I are going to do something next week without Kait. *miffed* But that's another story...)

So I flipped to the chapter questions and began to slowly answer them. The effects of staring at a computer screen all day were taking their toll. In other words, I was ready to throw up. (To put it bluntly.) I ate dinner instead.

So thus has been my day. One more point -- I have discovered the beauty of Mozilla Firefox. (Applause, people) Why? You can customize themes. Woot.

Random statistic: the Philippines is the second highest in the percentages of the country of origin of Asian Americans. China is first with 24% followed by Philippines at 18%.

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Chuck said...

Hey, whatever happened to the play you had to write? Or did I miss it int he blog?

What's with the little blue bats flying around?


Oily said...

naks becky! photography chenes addict! keep up the good chuva. =)