Thursday, August 17, 2006

A conversation with Ethan

"My mom said I should lego myego," said Ethan, as he watched me cut up his waffles for breakfast.
"What?" I asked, wanting to know if I had heard right.
"My mom said I should lego myego," he insisted.
Now I know Ethan and he has the biggest ego ever. I was cracking up inside, but I had to clarify this one.
"Do you mean let go your ego?"
"No!" he said, turning his huge blue eyes on me. "Lego myego!"
"What are you talking about?"
"Larry boy!" he insisted, as if I was some dumb person.
"Larry boy?" I asked, knowing it was something to do with Veggie Tales.
"Yes! See they were shrinks."
"Shrinks?" I asked, slightly coughing, guessing he didn't really mean shrinks.
"Yeah. And they got big but then they all got small," said Ethan, in his typical manner of explaining something that only if you have a clue as to what he's referring to can you understand what he means.
"Ah... " I said, guessing it must have been a Veggie Tales lesson on pride.
"So my mom said I should lego myego."

Too bad Ethan doesn't know what "lego myego" really means. He obviously doesn't learn much from his "Larry Boy" lessons.


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RockYou slideshow

So on Tuesday night, I got out of class early and Susie and I decided to spite Kait and go to Rita's! Kait was at work anyway. So Susie and I headed off, and then remembered we didn't really know exactly how to get there. So Susie called Julie and she told us. Rita's Italian ices are sugar-free and fat-free. Woot. Susie got custard.

So that was a late night Tuesday. Then Wednesday, I didn't have class cuz it was a "study night" (as if I used it for that purpose). So I went to prayer meeting, and then Laura wanted to go to Rita's. Soooo we gathered together Kait and Christiana as well. We asked Julie and Ronda, but Ronda didn't want to do that to Sheryl and Andrew because she didn't think it was fair. So the rest of us went off. Now, I still didn't know how to get to Rita's. I was the only one with a cellphone and I told Kait I'd follow her. Kait, being really smart, did not bother to check behind her. We got stuck 2 cars behind, then she put her blinker on and then turned it off so we didn't know if she turned or not. I knew it was somewhere near the Carlson's, so we started heading that way. Laura then called Ronda, but she must have had her phone on silent. Then she called her dad... and in the middle, Ronda called back and told us we were on the right track. So for the record, I do know how to get to Rita's now. (Probably not the quickest way, but oh well.) ANYWAY! Kaitlyn and Christiana eventually realized they had lost us so they went back home to get Kait's cellphone. They arrived at Rita's about 5 minutes after us.

So as we were happily standing around with our gelatis, (the other three got mango gelatis, but I got chocolate... DUH! I tasted Kait's mango gelati -- SO NOT MANGO!!!) Ronda drove up with Julie! They had gone home and told Mrs C what was going on and she insisted that they go and not worry about Sheryl and Andrew. Haha. So that was funness. I had left the directions to Laura's at home. Actually, I probably could have gotten to her house, but I was insecure about getting from her home to mine. So Kait took her home (and got slightly lost as well... but Kait got home ok, cuz she's like a homing pigeon... so she says) and I dropped Christiana off.

Then today was the clown visitor day. Ethan's mom was supposed to be the clown, but she got sick. Tracie tried to get me to be the clown, but the costume was falling off me. And I'm not a good clown. Sarita walked in to drop of Samantha and Bedros and was all ready to be a clown. YAY! So she was the clown. I did a lot of face painting. Twas fun. Hence all the pictures. Yes, I'm obsessed.

I love Bedros' happy picture. Especially cuz he had previously been screaming his little head off. He loves me. Even if I did drag him through the pool against his will.

Now I think I'm catching CJ's cold... or the twins'. They sneezed and coughed in my face countless times.

So that is that. Tata!!!

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susie said...

ur probably getting my cold, that cam gave to me that paul gave to him. its a very bad cold too