Monday, July 31, 2006

When work interferes with fishing...

A lot has happened in the past week, but there is no way I am going to recount them because they're basically kid stories that nobody can relate to because they don't know the kiddies. Let's start with the weekend instead (and then we'll get to my depressing post title)

Let's see... Friday! Andy had another flat tire. He drove over a man-hole-ette... you know, those little tiny manhole looking things, only they're not? Sometimes they're the water thingies. Whatever they're called, it was sticking up and he didn't see it and got a flat tire. In the words of PJ, "WELL SUE THEM!!!" Andy was going to pick me up at work so we could go to WalMart and the Carlson's for the college and career Bible study. Because the tire blew out on the way to pick me up, he dropped it off at Firestone and we took my car.

Oh yes, while waiting for him to pick me up, I was in the clubhouse reading books to Kassie and Kelssie. They were stories about Barbie. Barbie is this virtuous, lovely, noble doll who does good things and is pretty as well. Good grief.

Anyway... we went to WalMart on an unsuccessful trip. (I was trying to find something that wasn't there.) So then we went to the Bible study. Mr De Lisi spoke on evangelism again and we had to give the gospel one on one to someone there. I did it with Christiana. It reminded me of freshman seminar -- that's what we had to do in freshman sem. Except we used things like the "Evange-cube" and "Wordless book" and stuff like that.

We ended up staying until 11:30 at the Carlson's because Becca talks a lot. HAHA!!! Just kidding. It was Becca, Julie, Andy, and me. Becca was talking about her childhood fights with Rachel and how they were so different. That was amusing.

Saturday, Grandmother and Grandfather went to NY State for Jordan's wedding. Andy and I stayed home and amused ourselves by setting off kinder surprise bombs and stuff like that... NOT. I studied some for the Praxis, nagged Andy to stop playing his computer game and actually do stuff, and other things like that.

Sunday was good. Mr. Harris preached on a Biblical perspective of recent events and Pastor Martin continued his series on justification and Pastor Bart continued on 2 Samuel 7. I also had a surprise bday party at lunchtime, though it wasn't really a surprise because a certain smart person blew it. HAHA! Funny... I had inklings along the way, but if the other person hadn't spilled the beans, I would have been a bit more surprised. I have yet to be surprised. No wait, my graduation was a surprise. =) I definitely decided it's more fun to plan the surprise. Anyway, Catherine, Kaitlyn, and Julie came. Ronda was house sitting, Christiana had their monthly dinner (which they were hoping I'd forget about -- and I did!), and Susie went to Virginia Beach. It was a fun time. Kait gave me a HUGE Superman poster to put on my dorm room wall. I told her I'd only do it if she put a huge Orlando Bloom poster on her wall. First of all, there's no space on her wall, and she does have an Orlie calendar. HAHA!!! I'll put it up and take a picture and then take it down... and if she sleeps over, I'll put it up for then too. HAHA. Pictures to follow.

Gmother, Gfather, and Andy gave me an iron (which includes a board eventually) which made me very, very excited. It must be a sign that by the time you get excited over an iron, you're definitely not a little kid anymore. (Then again, I was obsessed over the highlighters and pens Kait gave me and I've been like that since I was little...)

Random fact: my miles per gallon average from June 30th - July 30th was 16. *cries* I had been moping at church about driving on an empty tank and when I came into the house, I was moping about filling my tank and Kait, Catherine, and Julie were hiding in the front hall trying not to laugh. Haaay buhay.

After evening service was a hymn sing at the Chung's. That was a lot of fun. There were 2 other guys there that heard about Trinity online. The older guy is really energetic and tells stories extremely well. He was talking about some of his street evangelism experiences in real inner city. The other guy is a sophomore at Valley Forge studying Theology. His sister is a best friend of a girl that goes to PBU. (She was in one of my classes)

Today Andy flew home. I went to work and in between shifts, I picked up his car. His car is a mess. (I can say that cuz I just cleaned mine.) His room is a mess, come to think of it. I might post a picture on the tattle blog. Anyway, the tire had just arrived when I got there so I was told to wait 15mins. More like 45. Anyway, the guy who did it just came back from a month in the Philippines. The Firestone dude said he should get a supply of those tires cuz Andy keeps getting flats. Tsk tsk.

When I got home, Gmother told me that ECC called to say class was canceled today. Gfather, Uncle Chuck, and CJ went fishing tonight and I realllly wanted to go, but I still had work! If it weren't for work, I could have gone. *tears* I want to go fishing! The last time I went was when I was 8!!! I was very depressed... but work cheered me up.

Bryan's grandparents picked him up today. They fly back to the Philippines tomorrow. They're from Pasig. Funny... when people are taken out of their culture, there is an amazing common bond even among complete strangers. Bryan's family is really nice anyway. His grandparents were really great to meet. Spoke some Tagalog. Then his grandmother went into the ball pit cuz she wanted to try it out. PK said, "I guess she can't go into the ones at MacDonald's so she went in ours." HAHA! That almost made up for missing out on the fishing trip.

So anyway, since I can't go fishing, I'm going ........... woah, interruption. Gmother's car alarm started going off and I thought it was mine so I hit my panic button and both cars started alternating obnoxious beeps. HAHA!! And the fire alarm went off in the middle of the pastoral prayer yesterday morning. False alarm......... what was I saying... oh yes! I'm going to study for the Praxis, do sociology stuff, research for my paper, and work on getting a list of what we need for the play. I'm going to make the kids work on it during circle time because there is no way we're getting it together if we only have Monday practice. Bye

P.S. Andy got me Selecta Mango ice cream. The girls were very impressed. Tis very good.


somecallmemom said...

Be sure you get Daddy to tell you his poster story. I just heard it for the first time the other week at youth Bible study ... very funny!

Chuck said...

Fishing was a SKUNK!! G'Father caught 1 sea robin and CJ caught 2. Me - ZIP, ZERO, NADA, NULL SET!!! But we still had a good time. That's it for this year - well maybe one more time in the fall fishing with eels for bait.

After reading all the stuff you do - I didn't know you were so talented.