Monday, July 10, 2006


"Oh no. A broken girl. I need to take you to the doctor." -- James, as he
picks up the head of a Barbie and proceeds to go back and forth in a
conversation between himself and the Barbie
Woah... I just realized a part of this was cut off! I can't remember what I said. Probably something about working 8 hrs and then going to class. And then I probably said that I have decided Protestants are not what I thought they were.

Explanation: We were talking about Emile Durkheim whose theory is social
integration. He compared suicide rates of several European countries and found
out that Protestant suicide rates were higher than Catholic and Jewish rates.
She asked the class why they thought it was true. The one lady said "Maybe
because Protestants don't have faith?" The prof, glancing at my PBU shirt, said
"Protestants have faith. Be careful, we might have some Protestants in the
room." Then the prof asked, "What do Catholics believe in?" The same woman who
said that thing about faith said, "Jesus Christ." So the prof said, "So then
they believe that killing themselves is a sin. Therefore that is why Catholics
A SIN?! I was quite disturbed until Protestants once again came into discussion
and I decided I must not be a Protestant. "Protestants believe they'll get signs
from God (e.g. if they're wealthy, God is on their side) whereas Catholics
believe the way to heaven is by baptism and church membership. (Therefore, if
Protestants aren't rich, then they believe it's a sign that God isn't on their
side and they get all depressed.) HUH?! Good grief.

Work was good. Sashi is gone for the week, so I'm kinda free to run it on my
own. I miss Sashi though! Sarah is not able to take charge or anything much, so
I had to put the kids to sleep, sort out the cleaning, get the kids up, get
Sarah to change some of the kids while I did my end-of-the-day cleanup (which
Sarah helped by vacuuming everything while I was putting the kids to bed) so
that I would not have to come back, leaving Sarah alone with the kids in the
pool. Then I had to take responsibility of finding a snack for them, getting the
drinks, and signing the kids out. It's a funny job -- it's like running your own
house (you can basically do whatever... free reign of the kitchen and all the
other supplies) except the kids aren't yours. I can't wait for the REAL thing --
not just this... except, I get payed for this. HAHA.

About Sarah -- she has some disability, but we don't know what it is. That
means, we have to find out for ourselves what her limitations are. For one, she
does everything in extreme. For instance, she came downstairs to get the vacuum
cleaner while I was trying to get the kids to sleep. She has a tendency to talk
a lot, so I just put my finger to my lips and said "Shh" and she dragged the
vaccuum cleaner across the floor at the pace of a snail. Another thing is that
she is very uncoordinated... and she can't wrap a vacuum cord up neatly at all.
Plus, she repeats everything 10 times and makes unnecessary comments like "Yeah,
that's what I was thinking" or "Yeah that's a good idea cuz..." (and then
explains everything). Here is an example of a typical conversation with

"So you sign in even though you're a volunteer?"
"I'm not a
"Oh, cuz I thought that since you were a volunteer that you
wouldn't sign in. But you sign in?"
"Yeah. I work here."
"Oh. So that's
why you sign in? Cuz you work here?"
"So she pays you? Cuz Trish
said you're a volunteer. So that's what I was thinking... but she pays you? So
you sign in?"

Yay for 5 hours with Sarah, without Sashi. It's hard for everyone, but it's a
test of really who I am as a Christian... seeking to love my neighbor, and be
thankful for how God made me! Also, not expressing my annoyance but showing
Christian character of gentleness and patience.

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