Friday, July 07, 2006

Interview time with Joash!

Have you been grounded in the last 3 months? 1 year? 5 years?
No. No. Uh... nooo...

What color are your best friend's eyes?
Brown?... wala... haha

What size shoe do you wear?
11... no it's 11 or 10

Paper clips or staples? Paper clips... Staples are dangerous (hahaha)

Have you ever eaten something really, really disgusting?
Wait... my nails?

What did you want to be when you were 6? 10? 15? Now?
a garbage man... ten? (haha) wait.. what did I want to become when I was ten.. pilot? Fifteen? A girl.. HAHA no just kidding! HAhaha. [stupid] wait.. I dunno. When I was fifteen? A big boy! Now? I dunno. I think I want to be an art teacher.

What kids TV show do you miss the most?
I dont know, I still watch them. They're all still on. Oh wait, Teletubbies! It's gone!

Chocolate or vanilla?

What is the Pythagorean Theorem?
What? (ano daw?) What is that?

Explain what the color blue signifies to you.
Color blue? Wait... let me think. Yeah it's cold. (Haha)

Who do you want to hug?
Hahahah.. no uh wait.. hit? Oh hug. MEEEE

Who do you want to hit?

Have you ever worn someone else's socks?
Socks? Yeah I always do

How do you feel about being interviewed?

Would you like to be left alone?
What? Right now? No..


Keena said...

dear stoyk,

have you ever considered the fact that you may be more than just a little bit weird? like, maybe, very weird. =)

anyway, i have to go plif my book (my teacher's version of "flip through my book". =)



p.s.nice webpage... you get a little girlier (or girly-er) each time. isha promised to buy me lip gloss for christmas. isn't it a little funny that a 5 year old wants to be a 20 year old lip gloss??? =) oh well. maybe by christmas i will be ready to take the next step and be a bit girly-er.

p.p.s i promise to email you.... kaya lang, ptr. paul is still updating (or whatever) our computer's memory. so yun.

Keena said...

on second thought, what i just wrote serves very well as an email. la lang.