Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back at Orchard

It is kinda depressing when you get $73.13 taken off your paycheck because of taxes. Oh well -- Sociology class payment earned back and that's what counts. Woohoo.

I should start reviewing for the Praxis. *Sigh*In fact... I'm going to go to the library right now cuz it closes in an hour.

PS Did I mention how fun Orchard School is? Bedros was in my lap giggling hysterically while I was trying to put shoes on him. He can't talk but he makes funny sounds and laughs crazily over the most ridiculous things. Such a cute little boy. Oh and I made bracelets for Kassie and Taylor, but I forgot how chunky Taylor is. Her wrist is bigger than mine. Woops. Redo!

I work tomorrow 9-4ish cuz we have a field trip to Space Farm.

Over and out.


I just got back from the library. I got a big fat practice book for the Praxis. Ahh!!! It is now one day less than one month away from my exam. (Which means one day less than one month until I'm 19) I was also looking for books on autism (I watched a documentary called "Autism is a World") and I ended up getting some other book that I have no idea what it's about other than some kid with some problems. Oh well. We'll see.


cecile said...

Your site is amazing! Such a talented person. :) Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Paying taxes is part of growing up - GRIN.

Paying taxes and getting mugged are two of the most important things that change people from being liberals to newly minted conservatives.

OK!! No more politics!