Friday, July 07, 2006

Trip to Space Farm

So today we went to the Space Farm in Sussex County. Two kids got sick last minute, so we had the same number of adults as children. That way we had one on one. I had Morgan to watch. That kid is heavy!!! Thankfully we had 2 strollers and we took turns using them with her sister and Kelsie.

Interesting thing happened after lunch. A group of kids at another table were singing a thanks song for their food and Tracie turned around and said to her husband, "P! We didn't say any grace!" Then she turned said "I'm surprised Becky didn't say anything!" and she turned to Nick's parents and said, "Becky goes to a Bible school." I said "Well I prayed on my own..." and Tracie said, "But you didn't share it with us?" And I was like... WHHAAAAAT??? Tracie is Catholic, but I still thought religion was bawal. Maybe cuz it's a private school they can set the rules. Apparently Sashi sings some thanks prayer before the kids eat their lunch. There is a book about creation on the bookshelf. So that was interesting. At least now I know they're not nearly as strict as I thought a secular school would be.

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