Saturday, July 15, 2006

I think therefore I am a rhubarb tart

EDIT// Thought I'd add some pics!

He was sticking his tongue out but I didn't catch it in time.

Sheryl is getting taller by the day

We are mature almost-19-year-olds. *cough*

I want another slice of rhubarb tart.
I want another lovely slice.
I'm not disparaging the blueberry pie
But rhubarb tart is oh so very nice.
A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
A whatbarb tart? A rhubarb tart!

The principles of modern philosophy
Were postulated by Descartes.
discarding everythign he wasn't certain of
He said 'I think I'll have a rhubarb tart.'
A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
A Rene who? A Rene Descartes!
Poor nut he thought he was a rhubarb tart!

Read all the existentialist philosophers,
Like Schopenhauer and Jean-Paul Sartre.
Even Martin Heidegger agrees on one thing:
Eternal happiness is rhubarb tart.
A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
A Jean-Paul who? A Jean-Paul Sartre!
Eternal happiness is rhubarb tart.

A rhubarb tart has facinated all the poets.
Especially the immortal bard.
He caused Richard the Third to call the Bosworth Field:
'My kingdom for a slice of rhubarb tart!'
A rhubarb what? A rhubarb bard!
Immortal what? Immortal tart!
As rhymes go that is really pretty bard!

One of these days that is going on the background music of the EX-Parrot.

Weeeell it was a long week. I worked 40 hrs, went to class Monday-Thurs, etc. What are some of the things that happened recently:

* I am a victim of water.
--> Grandfather threw water on me at the table when we ate outside
--> Andy threw ice water on me in the kitchen because I changed his voicemail message to "I am currently in the bathroom with my laptop playing World of Warcraft and I can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message after the beep" and the Filipino travel agent called and said "So you take your laptop everywhere with you... kahit sa banyo?" *dies laughing*
* I got told I am "an amazing woman" and "a mature 18-year-old, can you teach my son to be responsible; he's 21 and he's good looking too"
* Kassie wants me to be her sister
* PJ wants me to stay the whole year
* Kelssie lets me brush her teeth and put her to bed without her binky (amazing)
* Morgan and Ariana finally are getting into the pool and getting wet
* Bedros and I had an argument about my name
--> "Say 'Becky'!" "Mama." "No, say, 'Becky'!" "No, Mama! Mama! Mama!" [insert weird sounds like taka taka dagu tasha taka]
* Samantha is not cured of calling me "Miss Bethany"
* Taylor and Kassie helped put the younger ones to sleep yesterday and got tired themselves and fell asleep which gave me 3 hrs of peace
* James was missing on Friday so there was more peace than the past week
* Bryan is gone for 2 weeks =(
* Nicholas was tattling on Shahan... something about hitting his face
--> "Nick, do you always need to tattle?"
--> "This isn't tattling. This is serious."
* PJ took my bike and dumped it in the grass until I threatened to lock it up next time
* Justin is turning into the world's greatest terror who cries everytime he is asked to share
* Sociology is a very interesting class. We discuss lots of crazy things. And we're 95% from other countries.
* Kaitlyn was forced to the picnic by 4 people talking to her on the phone to persuade her to come (including Pastor Bart) and then she had a lot of fun and ended up sleeping over in a tent in the backyard. See the EX-Parrot for details
* I will fail the Praxis somehow... I have a bad feeling about it.
* I did laundry finally. Woohoo.
* I folded up the tent and it fit in the bag at the first try. Yay.
* I want to go swimming.
* For those concerned about the South Beach Diet, I am on phase 1.5 plus brownie. (Keena, I don't care what you say -- I also exercise too which makes up for the cheating.)
* I love work. I wonder when my record will break -- so far I've never had a job I didn't like. I liked TBS, TCBY, Chick-fil-A, day care... the only job I don't like is going to school and studying. (Probably cuz all the other jobs don't involve academics. TBS involved organization, speed, stocking books; TCBY involved organization, cleaning; Chick-fil-A involved organization, speed; day care involves diapers, cooking, cleaning, putting children to bed, dishes, lifeguard, arts and crafts, referee, hugs, games, songs, sun tan lotion, wiping away tears, time out, yelling, organization, patience, love, firmness, and responsibility. -- Conclusion: all better than school books!... Although, when I get into a class, I like the challenge of working for that A! And most classes I end up liking -- except A&P just because, English Comp, OT 1 second half and 2 and I think next semester I'll be adding Lit and Arts (if I get in) and Philosophy to the list)

Ok, I'm going to ramble. This is what I do at The Orchard School (including the extra 3 shifts to cover Shashi when she's gone):

*Arrive at 10am. Find out how many kids we have, hug the kids who come running up yelling, "Miss Becky's here!" Then break up a few fights ("Guys, you need to take turns.") Talk to Trish and find out what the craft is. Then get the kids together to put on bathing suits and change the toddlers. Put sunblock on them all. Grab food and herd them all out. Then they eat a snack outside ("Can I have some water?" "How do you ask?" "Please may I have some water!" "I don't want to eat this anymore.") and some do a craft and some go in the water. One of us has to do the craft while the others play lifeguard ("NATALIE, DO NOT RUN AROUND THE POOL!" "I'm not running. I'm skipping." "NATALIE!!! SLOW DOWN!" "Natalie, do not jump in the pool. Either step in the pool or step into time out.") and watch those who are outside the pool area ("JAMES GET A HELMET NOW!!!")

Lunch is supposed to be outside. After they eat, we send them all back in to change and then the younger ones go down for a nap. (Which is everyone except Kassie, Taylor, PJ, and Nicole... and Willow and Alana when they are here.) I go down, turn off the lights, turn on the fan, and turn on the lullabye music (which gets stuck in my head -- "Lavendar's blue dilly dilly, lavendar's green/ When you are king dilly dilly, I will be queen/ Who told you so dilly dilly, who told you so?/ Twas my own heart dilly dilly, that told me so"), and start putting kids to bed.

After they finally fall asleep (Kelssie, Shahan, and James can take foreeeever), I go upstairs and find something to do with Kassie and Taylor and PJ if he feels like it. I also try to get cleaning done (vacuuming, wiping down tables, emptying dishwasher and reloading it, sweeping, mopping, etc). Then everyone starts waking up around 3-3:30, ocasionally on a particularly wonderful day they wake up at 4 (yay). Then they all get changed and suntan-lotioned. I grab food, the attendance clipboard, and send them out to the snack table. Then they all get in the pool and I play lifeguard for 2 hrs or less (boring) and sometimes run all around the yard bringing in toys.

I usually leave right at six, but sometimes I still have to change a kid or yesterday when I was playing "I'm going on a picnic and I'm going to bring an apple, bananas, cake, desert, egg, fish, grape juice, hotdogs, ice, jam, ketchup, limes, milk, noodles, olives, pickles, quesadillas, radishes, soup, tomatoes, unicycle, vanilla ice cream, water, xylaphone, yogurt..." and whatever z was -- that was yesterday -- I can't believe I remembered that far -- with Kassie and then she started hanging on me (breaking my back too) saying, "I'm attached to youuu."

Anyway, boring last few paragraphs. Haha. Oh well. bye

MESA BACK!!! I am such an unstable person. I never know what I want to do in life. I end up not wanting to do one thing -- I want to do lots of things. That's probably why I like all my different jobs. They're all so different. My unstableness dawned on me as I was making dinner. When I'm in the kitchen I want to be a cook. I want to study culinary arts. I like to work with food (do you know how much fun a chicken is when it's not cut up?). And besides, experimenting with flavors is interesting. (Let's just hope the "Bombay style chicken" actually tastes good tonight... *sigh*) Then I watch a documentary on autism and read a book about a child with autism who had speech problems (echolalia) and stuff like that. I work with kids with speech problems. Then I want to be a speech therapist. And after I think about being a speech therapist, I decide that I want to do special ed. After I decide that, I decide that I don't want to do either because I'd still have to go to college. Then I wonder what it would be like to be an afternoon day care...person... and work morning shifts at a fast food place cuz that's a lot of fun too... and go to a night culinary arts class. I am such an academic loser with no direction. Isn't that depressing? That's why I suppose I ought to stick to el ed (since I'm in it already) and enjoy the random job hopping while it lasts before I must get a real job. Now this would be ideal (but not very logical, responsible, or wise): work at the Orchard School part-time, work as a receptionist for a few hours twice a week, work at Wendy's or Dunkin Donuts for a morning or evening shift, and take classes here and there. How pathetic. My theme song is "I'm a looooooser" (ask Kait). There are people that say, "I want to get through college. I want my own career." Career?! I must have problems. "Career" sparks no excitement. "The Orchard School" and "fast food cashier person" and "cooking and baking" spark more excitement. *randomness* OK!!! Time to write a mini-paper (or "paperette" to use an Oliff term) for sociology. I'm going to have fuuuun with that (it's my own opinion rather than spitting back the book -- yahooo!!!!).


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i want a tart!!!

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Nice picture of Grandfather! Waht about one of Grandmother?

I like RHUBARB! I must REALLY think?

That's a great one with Andy's phone!!! Wish I could have done it.