Thursday, December 29, 2005

Why don't I get lots of comments? Why don't I have long, interesting posts? OH YEAH!!! Because I don't have as much time to waste as Sai and I don't have as many ultimate jeepney experiences!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

I'll post more some time... when I can write... "wala ako sa mood" HAHA! I didn't just say that...


kamandag_ng_barakuda said...

you want a story to tell? how about finding a jeep there... hehehehe! that would really be a story, a really long story... hahahahaha!!!

me too, i lack comments... i'm trying to advertise my blogs to everyone so people would comment on my posts. how about trying that also? (smiley face) hehehehe!!!

Katie said...

hey becky,

i just got back from virginia! i had a pretty nice time although i didn't get to see my cousin Calvin. that was the part i was most excited about! >:( but he was sick. hey at least i got to see Grandma and her husband and she took us to see Narnia again!
hope you had a nice christmas. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! Do I ever miss you since you've been gone.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do!!