Sunday, December 04, 2005


You know that white stuff? It's called SNOW. Because I'm lazy, I'm going to copy and paste from an email to David!

Well I had an interesting morning! I looked out the window and there's white stuff everywhere! We got about 2 inches of snow last night. Anyway I went outside to heat up my car and scrape all the snow off... then as I started out of school, my breaks were locking up and I was skidding all over! The roads were too bad and I have no experience driving in snow, so I turned right around and went back to school. As I was driving back up to the dorm parking lot, I passed Benaiah (the guy from the Philippines). He said the shuttle for Calvary Baptist would come at 9. So... I decided to go to that church. It was basically pretty shallow, although the Sunday School was a little better than the morning worship. They are starting a new series in the Sunday School -- about apologetics and they're using a book that I know Trinity has in the book room. But yeah... it was typical... but at least it wasn't loud!

We had a fellowship lunch afterwards. That was ok... but yeah, I came back not feeling that fed. The roads are better now so I'm going to risk driving to Warminster in the evening. I called Grandmother and Grandfather about it and also Pastor Wasson who said it should be ok. It's just like rain on the road now. I realize after going to a church like Calvary how much I appreciate Trinity and all that... yeah. I need to charge my cellphone though.

Last night was the "Night at the Oscars." It was ok... everyone got all dressed up and stuff. I wore my Filipinana thing. But yeah... basically it was boring. I almost wished I had stayed in the Eagles nest with Chris and Dan (Chris is in my dorm). They played games and watched "The Incredibles." (HAH the movie that brings nightmares... "I like movies...") But yeah it was interesting. There were only 2 movies submitted. The RA white slip one was great. They should show that to prospective students. =)

Anyway, open dorm was Thursday. It was good! The other wings were decorated really well. Ours was a Scrooge Christmas. One of these days I'll get pictures up on photobucket, but right now I'm too lazy. Oh well!


Katie said...

i love snow, i wish it would snow here. :)

Katie said...

HA finally, it's snowing right now. :0) i'm so happy. :0)

somecallmemom said...

I especially like the quiet that comes with new fallen snow. Guess you made out ok with Warminster in the evening ... that was a good idea to call Pastor Wasson. Do they live close to the church?

Jo-hanna said...

I fail to understand why you called ME to ask whether or not Warminster was having their morning services. I mean, I kinda live like 3 hrs. away from there....
but, it made me laugh so hard (hehe)