Wednesday, December 21, 2005

For Narnia and for Aslan! AND FOR FRODO!!!!!!


The end.

Just kidding. I saw Narnia last night at 9:30. 'Twas nice. They changed a few parts, but they did stick to the story. They didn't change anything important! It was a good movie, although there was a lack of the great reverence and awe for Aslan as is portrayed in the book. The Christian message comes out only to those that know the meaning behind it (in my opinion). Other than that, it's just a really good story. At least there wasn't any new age stuff in it! For Disney, they did a good job. By the way, did C.S. Lewis hold to the once saved always saved thing? ("Once a king or queen in Narnia, always a king and queen in Narnia.") Yet, Susan "apostatized" in the last book!

I slept over at Kait's house. We stopped talking at 3am. Hehe. 'Twas fun!

For some reason I thought I had a lot to say, but now I don't. Oh well!!!

We're going to VA tomorrow morning at "6:30" according to Andy. HAH we'll see if he's ready at 6:30. I'm packed... for the most part.

The End


Katie said...

Yeah I LOVED Narnia. I want to see it again. They picked wonderful actors to play the kids! And they stuck pretty close to the book, I was sooo glad. :) I think they are going to make the rest of the books into movies too!! YAY! I was a little worried when I heard DISNEY was doing it but I think they did a pretty good job. FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN!! YEAHHH!!

Anonymous said...

Narnia was incredible... I enjoyed it so much! (and I love you too, Frods! lol)

You HAVE to come over on Sunday, Beks! Pleeeeease? *is pitiful*

purpledye said...

^ was me, BTW. sorry 'bout that.