Friday, December 09, 2005


Hi peeps! We have a snow day. It's sad... cuz we don't have doctrine now. We only read his notes. Sniff!!! I love that class. I studied in the library with Nick and Sunhee. We talked too much. But it was fun. Then Sunhee and I went to the mall. I was looking for Christmas gifts and I also found heel thingys for my shoes.

I finished my paper for English class. I also taught my lesson for teaching Bible. I was basically the most blah teacher ever. Hehe. Oh well, I got a 91.5 on my lesson which I think gives me an A for the class. In English class we had a spelling bee. Yes, we had a SPELLING BEE. And people can't spell in college. Sad.

I have reading to do and stuff... not sure what all I'm going to do today. Chris said we could play in the snow. We tried sledding with garbage bags the other day. Didn't really work but it was fun.

I could probably write more but I need to shower. HAHA bye

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Katie said...

Hey becky,
it snowed and rained last night so it's all slushy out and i think kids have a snow day just cuz we got like 1/2 inch of slush. ridiculous. but hey we aren't doing school either! we are going to see Narnia tonight and I am sooo happy. :)