Saturday, December 10, 2005

Becky + going to NJ + driving alone = lost

Why can I follow directions to any other place except New Jersey where I kind of live!!! WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?! I got lost again! I was trying to be smart but ended up being moi estupido. We won't go into all that... if you really want to know how I got lots of cars honking at me at the toll booth, email me and I might tell you.

So yesterday was a snow day. I went to Widener University and visited Carrie. Wow, the campus is so different from PBU. First of all I wasn't expecting guys on the first floor! In PBU guys are only allowed in the lounge (if there are 3 people there) with special permission from the RA or during open dorm. Plus their dorms weren't set up like a house as ours kind of are. (We have a lounge downstairs... and it's a much smaller dorm.) It's a nice campus, but I'm glad I'm at PBU. It's smaller... and we have bathrooms in our suites...

Um... yeah! So today I took my English final. It was cool. We had to write about when people really become adults. I had a lot of fun with it.. I think I was the only one who used 2 blue books. I really got into that topic (all about how many youth today are legally adults but are actually still kids). Then I got "Even a child is known by his actions by whether his conduct is pure and right" stuck in my head so I had to pop "Hide Em In Your Heart" into my player as I drove home. *sings*

I baked a lot when I got home... and I did laundry. Now I need to write for Doctrine (I forgot about it. BAD) Toodles!!!

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