Friday, December 30, 2005

Well lookee here!

I have my computer back!!! Andy tripped over the power chord as he was carrying his computer somewhere last Saturday and it broke... (that should be on the tattle blog). He's been using mine a lot -- he still manages to play computer games! Online computer games! Sheesh!!!

Oh guess what? I sent my camera out by UPS the other week (Mr. Freire was really nice and gave me a little "Christmas gift" by not charging me) and Canon fixed it without charge (although their policy says the warranty doesn't count for impact). YAY! So it's being sent through FedEx and should arrive on the 7th around 7pm (according to the tracking thingy). YIPPEE!!! That means I get it back in time for the youth retreat!

I've been so cameraless... I didn't take any pics at the youth days. Speaking of which, they were great! Pastor Tracey preached... Psalm (pronounced Sam) 130 and 131. His whole family came down from Maine (pronounced Meen)! We were invited to the Carlson's the night they arrived, so we got to meet them. Anna is 17 and we got along really well. When I first saw Nathaniel, the youngest, the first thought that popped into my head was "He would be absolutely adorable in a black and white photo!!!" Sadly I didn't have my camera... sniff. But really, he has such a cute face, brown curls... and many people say he looks like a hobbit. (The Traceys love LOTR and Narnia)

Back to the youth days... not many people came. Four years ago when I was in 9th grade, a lot of kids all through high school and into college came. This time, there were only about 5 college students. Oh well... it was still fun. We played games and stuff...

The activity for Thursday was paintballing!!! They went some place in Pennsylvania that had really cool site. It's a huge field with a big castle. ( I didn't go because it wasn't worth $35 and being at church at 7:30am. =) Pete Smith loved it and said it was worth the money.

Instead of paintballing, I went to the Carlsons and went bowling with them. That was funness!!! The Traceys were still there... so I spent the day with them. Then I went to Kait's house after prayer meeting. We watched "It's a Wonderful Life." People kept telling me I should watch it and Kait couldn't believe I hadn't watched it before. But now I am educated and I like it! (Except the whole angel deal is kinda dumb and the opening, as Kait says, is "hokey.")

Wayne is getting married today, so Andy and I are going to the wedding (not the reception). Gmother and Gfather went to CJ's for his bday party. I wish I could be in 2 places at once.

The End


The old grey beard said...

Hey thanks for letting us know where you've been the past couple days! I've missed chatting with you!

somecallmemom said...

nice to have you back and full of details!! thanks

Katie said...

Hey aww i wish I could see that cute hobbit kid! :) He sounds adorable. I love black and white pics!! i take them all the time on our camera.