Friday, June 09, 2006

What's in a name...

HAH!!! I was looking up names and their definitions today. Remember my post about that guy at the gas station who asked if I was Indian and called me what sounded like "Rivka" and it took me a while to realize it was a mispronunciation of "Rebecca"? Well, the Hebrew version of Rebecca is "Rivka." You may now call me Rivy... NOT!!!

Today I went to Ace with Grandfather... oh yes, and Happy Birthday to him too. Then Andy and I went on a long joy ride to get something and also pick up his car. At one point he thought he had left his keys at home and as we were driving back, he remembered he left them with the guy when he dropped the car off! SOOO after a big circlular route, we eventually made it.

And I went biking today. I think I saw my guinea pig's namesake... when he said he was a hippie in training a year a half ago, I guess he's graduated to hippie. I think it was Anthony -- he was wearing huge glasses. I didn't say anything though, in case it wasn't him, but it certainly looked like him. I almost fell off my bike too -- just kidding. He did look very hippie-ish... and he was carrying a guitar. (Connection?) That's the second time I think I've seen Anthony.

So back to the bike ride -- I biked the loop of the park and then started to go back. After reaching the avenue, I decided to turn down one street and eventually found Park and kept going and going and going and I certainly had no idea where I was, but I figured it would be hard to get lost. Anyway, I finally found myself at the George Washington school on Central and wove back around and took random streets until I finally got home. Twas fun. And then I went to Jack's to get sour cream for Grandmother and there wasn't a bike rack, so I biked back home and walked instead. Oh yes -- when I was checking out at the counter, I asked the guy if they had bike racks and he said, "You mean like... for sale?" OF COURSE FOR SALE!!! THIS IS A HARDWARE STORE!!! No, really, I didn't say that, but if we were playing "The Brain" game and I were the brain, that's what I'd say. He said they didn't and I'd just have to loop it (the bike?!) around a tree.

That is my interesting morning and afternoon.

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