Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have a job. Yeah... It's at Orchard School. I quit the whole temp idea cuz it wasn't going anywhere. So anyway! I'm working with little kiddies, playing games with them, and changing diapers! HAHA! Looks like a really neat place. I'll be working 1-6 M-F for $7. I'll be working longer on certain days to fill in for people. The music teacher knows some Philosophy teacher who used to teach at PBU. She was very thrilled that I played flute and piano and she hopes I can motivate the kids to practice... um... yeah. HAHA!!! I liked the place, plus, it will give me experience.

Oh yeah, I need a physical and a mantoux test... but I just had that done!!! I don't know if I made a copy of the physical for school, so they can't count it. Heh. And I have to get fingerprinting.

I need to exercise my creativity for an hour and a half to come up with things to do with the kids while the little ones are sleeping. Time for patintero outside. Wheee!!! The son of the owner (he's 10) saw that I was homeschooled and he said "Oh you're so lucky!" The owner was very impressed with my background -- being from the Philippines and stuff. So? One of the kids is Filipino.

So I work tomorrow 1-6. I think this job will give me experience, especially what it's like to deal with non-Christian kid things. Here's a quote from the handout for parents: "Children are given three chances to comply with verbal requests or redirection (Watch the '1-2-3 Magic' Video for more details). We utilize positive reinforcement and time out as necessary for older children (one minute for each year alive). Time out is a time to calm down and discuss what went wrong and ways to change hte behavior or repair behavior (ex. Saying sorry to our friend). We NEVER tell a child they are bad. We are specifically addressing a behavior that is not acceptable. We find this approach to be very helpful and request that you try this at home. As children get older you will find that you do not have to count at all because they will comply on the first request."

RIIIIIIIIIGHT. This should be interesting.

Here's some more on "Positive Discipline"

"Positive discipline is a process of teaching children how to behave appropriately. Positive discipline respects the rights of the individual, the group, and the adult."

"You can use positive discipline by intervening when necessary:

Re-direct to a new activity to change the focus of a child's behavior.
Divert the child and remove from the area of conflict.
Criticize the behavior, not the child. Don't say "bad boy" or "bad girl." Instead you might say "That is not allowed here."

Revolting. HAHA. This could be interesting. Actually, it's kinda sad. Whenever parents show up, the kids run away cuz they don't want to go. They advertise the place as "home away from home." They provide 24/7 care to meet the needs of "our hurried world of working parents." "We believe that the Orchard School can be your child's home away form home. Your child's second home. A place where they are comfortable, belong, feel loved, and are happy."

Oh yeah, this pamphlet thing I'm reading has a lot of grammatical errors. I just thought I'd mention that. The owner's husband (he's Indian) asked where I went to school and I told him and he said "Biblical... is that religious?" He didn't say anything, but he seemed a bit not too happy about it.

They can use me until I go back to school and then in December during Christmas break. Sooo if I stay one more semester at PBU or even a year, I can work when I come back, and if I stay at WPU, they'll be glad for long-term help. (Provided I can handle the job.)

Ok, over and out.

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