Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rainy summer... huh?!

Today I finished (finished?!) "organizing" everything. (In other words, putting everything in random boxes, wondering why on earth I brought stuff over from the Philippines anyway, and thinking about just moving back home to save the trouble...) It is definitely a little neater. =) Andy's room is very dusty -- especially his desk. He would fail white glove. Tsk tsk. I should have put that on the tattle blog... the tattle blog is so dead now. I was going to post what he said last night about needing a wife, but I never got around to doing it. But yeah -- we were talking about how men need their wives to keep track of them and Andy said something like "I need one of those." HAHAHA!!! In the words of David, "The bud is blossoming!" -- or to make it more Keena-ish, "The bud is blommosing." ANYWAY!!! What was I talking about?! (A lot of nothing, probably)

It's rainy and cold out. It reminds me of Baguio -- in rainy season. It's 60ish out.

So getting a job is definitely looking more inviting. I spent $484.50 today. Before you freak out -- it was ALL SCHOOL RELATED! It's a SIGN!!! TIME TO QUIT SCHOOL!!! I payed for my summer sociology class ($339.50) and then for the Praxis exam (which I can't take at Caldwell College cuz they don't offer the tests there, so I'm going to take it at the "QUEEN OF PEACE HIGH SCHOOL" in North Arlington, supposedly 24 minutes away... I think... depending on the getting lost factor) which was $145. And because of that, there is no way I am going to the Philippines Independence Day Festival in Camden with Audrey and Kim!!! Gas is ridiculous. Andy filled my nearly completely empty gas tank for $36.89 and complained about how bad my milleage was -- I TOLD HIM SO!!! Now he knows why I'm so tipid on my gas and keep such careful track of the miles to my destinations! See if he borrows my car again. HAHA. So yeah, much as I want to see them dance "Pandango sa Ilaw" (cuz I haven't seen it ever -- only pictures and I really really really want to see it... no, actually I really really really want to learn it, except I might start a fire) but I am not driving 80 miles one way to school cuz 80 + 80 = 160 which also equals almost half a tank which also equals something like $27. NO THANKS!!! Sorry, Philippines, I am patriotic, but too kuripot to go. HAHA!!!

I called the Baker temp agency today -- I have to go in personally to apply. (I'm doing that tomorrow) I freaked out on the phone and didn't sound confident at all. I kept saying "um" too -- even though I was very conscious of it after a man who prayed in prayer meeting and had 21 "um's" and "uh's" not counting the first minute of his prayer. True, I should not have been counting, but I couldn't help it.

I stood over the vent on the floor at church... it was great. It made my skirt poof out. HAHA. I amuse myself. I was having way too much fun and Kaitlyn was embarrassed by me.

Oh yesh... I'm back on the road!!! Last night I drove to prayer meeting (with Andy and the Evernhams, minus Mr. Evernham) and I was a little insecure cuz everyone was going so fast. HAHA!!! Just when I got used to the Philippines, I come back. And then today I drove Andy to Georgie's pie's (actually, it's George's -- I added the "pie" and the "i" in "George") which is a VW repair shop to get his Jetta repaired.

This is boring. Ok bye

Heeden i-Sfreng --> In English, "Hidden Spring"


Anonymous said...

My dad just walked down the stairs and said "who put their socks into my shoes?"

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, you can be thankful it dosen't cost $87 to fill your gas tank!! cbk

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better last year we took on 800 tons of #2 bunker fuel in one day!

How do you pronounce "ijnsnam"? Can you use it in a sentence?