Saturday, November 26, 2005

Random musings... (otherwise entitled "Don't want to start my research paper")

<--- This is Hapi! And I miss her! I got to chat with her the other day! Haven't done that in soooo long!!! I really miss the Maramaras... and the fun times we've spent. Webcams make the distance not seem so big. We had many fun times together.
"Tagaytay! I've been there!", "Becky! Remove!", "Star!", Spy on the boys, water fights!, tag, Tumbang Preso, movie making, Happy 4 Frendz!, "I'm gonna tell!", "But Hannah said I'm so clean!", Thanksgiving dinners, "So.. what are we gonna do?", and so much more!

<--- This is Elot! Oink, oink! And I miss her too! I miss the whole family... my little brothers JM and JC, and everyone else... even Kuya! Haha! "Yesterday Miziz!", "Ate Glo, did you do the laundry today?", Mafia, puyat-overs, movie marathons, unan tupa forever!, "Can't live without each other," pancit, fellowship around the laundry, "Here na we. Where na you?", "Dayudso! I persecute you!", "Touche!", badminton, Zoom!, "I-spoo ka oo oo!", and so much more...

<--- Little brothers! Ah, growing taller than me, but still my little brothers!

Miziz ---> Yesterday! Many good memories together... roasting, ear piercing, sleepovers, baptisms, Manasa, cheezmax, ah... so much!

<--- Eunice! Ah, little sister! So much we did together... "We're NOT sisters!", earthquake, sleepovers, tie-dying socks, books, bracelets, "TIM!!!", pointless letter to Keena, camps, talking, giggling, "chapped lips" (and all that...), "I'm not a genius!", flute playing, sitting in the front row Sunday nights, "Becky, you're so crazy!!!", "I'm hungry!" "Well I'm not adventurous!", "Your timing was wrong!", "Gaya-gaya!!!", "That's because we're SISTERS!!!", "YOU BRAINWASHED HIM!!!", serious talks, laughter... etc! Miss you, Nice!

<--- Sisters! Tuna, Bea, Kimyaxidoodle, PT Boog! What have we done together? So much! American Idol auditions, walking down the street dressed like freaks singing Christmas songs in July, "Stoyky!!!", "At least I don't talk to electric fans!", Yamani, Phantomesses of the Operatics, tea party, talking, laughing, "Becky and her breakfast!", "Have you ever ridden a horse?", "Coming to you this theater in May!" and all that! And then of course my fake cousins! Ah the memories! Pastors' Conferences, wars, guacamole, "We'll build make a tent outside and light a fire and cook an egg," Manila trip, camping, Busay, the name Stoyk, Venus, Family Park, "You didn't talk to me for a whole day!", "Keena's hair is like a briar bush!", water fights, dead fish fights, sand fights, graduation, musicals, Calvin's stupid jokes ("Moo as in moo and cow as in cow!"), Pogi Yogi!, bowling, singing, "Weird and unique are synonyms," "I'm going to make you cry, Stoyk!", hot marshmallows can burn, silent conversations, staring contests, the boys having wrestling matches, truth or dare! ("I like movies..."), and SO, SO MUCH MORE!!!


So explain to me why on earth a cellphone with no sim card would start ringing?! WEIRD!!!

Went to Panera's with Kaitlyn. Also went to Starbucks... 'twas fun! Great to hang out with her... and tonight we're going to the K's to watch "White Christmas."

Katie, thanks for being commenting faithfully! To everyone else *poke* -- leave comments! =) And one small favor, please write in your name and don't post as anonymous cuz that's really disturbing. HAHAHA


Yours truly,


somecallmemom said...

God has been good to give you so many great memories ... the funny ones and the serious ones ... to look back on! Those memories will become even more special with time! So glad to know what was behind those memories ... glad to be part of your life!!

Dad said...

Hey, kid, that was fun to read and look at the pics and remember the memories! Keep up the good blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Becks! Nice... you moved to blogspot... i also have one (with the same theme as yours) but haven't been updating it so i don't really give out my url. This post is so nice to read... memories, oh memories! Nice to see those pix... hehe! Keep up the blogging!

It's me,
ivy :)

Anonymous said...

hi becks! really nice blogsite... great pictures. keep up the good work.


Laura said...

Hey Becky! Finally commenting on ur new blog, pretty neat I must say. nice pictures!! I didn't see u this morning at church, hope ur doing well. <3