Monday, November 21, 2005

Lots of catching up to do

Hopefully the computer won't freeze this time!

So let's see... where did I end last! Oh yes, it was Friday evening! The day after that was Saturday (duh) and the day we had our MuKappa dinner! It went really, really well! There was a good gathering (bigger than usual) and we had lots of cooks. The kitchen was quite crowded! I got to go to H-Mart and was freaking out when I recognized name brands! There were Maggi Pancit Canton noodles!!! Alexa was telling me to breathe in and breathe out. It was so cool!!!

I went to the Park's house around 4 and started cooking adobo. Ben made puto! It turned out well -- he used rice flour and he had found some bamboo steamers at H-Mart! We had a good time cooking and talking of course. Gordon had brought some "sweets" from South Africa. He also brought MILO! I think Milo is big in every country but America. WEIRD!!!

We went down to the basement after dinner and played games. That's when we got out Hobbes, Sam's snake. He's a very cool snake! I wanted to keep him. =) Now I want a pet snake! They can live in aquariums! I don't know what the difference is -- fish and snake are both in the aquarium! Why can't I have a snake! So yeah...

We played "Two Truths and a Lie" the MK version! Instead of 2 truths and a lie about ourselves (everyone has to guess which the lie is) we did it about our countries. That was cool. Then we played Balderdash, MK version. Instead of getting a dictionary and choosing a word, we gave a word in our language and everyone had to guess what it meant. There were some pretty funny ones out there!

We also played some Mafia... and Ephraim and Sam did a duet. Sam plays the violin and Ephraim plays the piano. They are AMAZING!!!

Sunday was good. I went to Warminster both morning and evening. The Wassons had me over for lunch... that was cool. Pastor Wasson came out of dispensationalism. He also said our provost, Todd Williams, visited their church last Sunday!

Monday was busy... (as usual) and so was Tuesday I guess. Can't remember! Oh yeah! I was studying for my 3 exams Wednesday. The exams actually went pretty well. Didn't do as well as hoped on my math exam (I couldn't figure out how to "design a fair game."), not sure about doctrine, and I slammed a 98 on my Teaching Bible final!!! YAY! I only missed 2 points in the entire exam. *Happiness* That made up for my OT test. (I got a 79) Blaaah. Thursday... what was Thursday... I forget. OH YEAH! Last day of freshman sem!!! We ate ice cream in our small group. That was about it.

Friday... just class. I drove home. Yeah.

Saturday morning, 6am, Andy and I went to school to pick up Patrick and Danae and we went on to D.C. for the day! It was a really cool trip! I enjoyed it, even though it was a long day! We visited the Holocaust museum. That was amazing! Very sobering. Truly the depravity of man came out there. There was an eternal flame thing with a verse from Deut. 4:9. I think it perhaps was out of context, but... yeah. After that, we ate lunch and then walked the mall from the war memorial thing to the Lincoln Memorial. It was a beautiful day! I'm glad we went.

We stopped by Wendy's to grab some dinner and then got to school around... 8:30ish. We got in around 10:30 and crashed. It was a good day, though!

Yesterday was good. Pastor Carlson preached on David and Saul -- two desperate men. (Nob and Doeg the Edomite and all that) Pastor Jay preached a sermon to children... which will be continued next Sunday! I managed to read Deut. 1-29 and only have 5 chapters left before tomorrow.

Drove to school this morning -- no problem. It's getting colder, possibly rain mixed with snow tomorrow. In fact, it's drizzling right now.

I probably forgot a lot of stuff, but serves me right for getting so behind... but the computer freezing wasn't my fault! I'll put DC pics up on Photobucket eventually. Oh and I saw a black squirrel.

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Katie said...

i've seen one of those black squirrels! it was when i went to camp in missouri. i took a pic but you can hardly tell, it's so far away. kinda cool lookin'...