Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's getting to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go!

Hi peepz! Thanks ya'll for commenting! Whoever else read but didn't comment, shame on you! Just kidding!!! (Feel a little guilty, though)

Sunday was good. I went to the Carlsons for lunch... the Martinez family from North Bergen was there. Cute kids... I got handcuffed and shot at by Daniel. Funny! Nine year old boys are fun.

Monday I had to snap back to reality and go back to school. The drive was uneventful (which was probably good) and all that... chapel was good too. Our internet went down that night. I worked for 4 hours on my research paper... so yeah! I really need to get cracking on my paper though cuz the rough draft is due tomorrow along with my Genesis, Exodus, and Numbers summaries. (I did most of it over break, though.)

Final exams are creeping up. It doesn't look too stressful, though. I'm not completely sure of my finals schedules yet, though. I know I have my math exam at 9:00am December 16 and Doctrine on December 12 at 3:00pm. All the syllabuses are down online right now and I can't find the paper form right now. Haha oh well.

Amelia and I are going out as soon as I'm done with Doctrine. We're going to the store to get stuff for the wing wars. Yippee! But I have 2 papers due tomorrow... so busyness!

Yesterday I helped decorate a Christmas tree in Heritage hall. They were asking for students to help so I did! Twas fun and I got to see Kim's room and Cindy's room as well. Wheee! And then I read for 3 hours in the Eagle's Nest. It was all interesting and cool but I didn't get anything accomplished.

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hey ... you're not there to decorate the school ... get crackin' on your studies!!! :-)