Friday, November 11, 2005

Homemade cookies + French silk ice cream + quiet dorm = nice evening

Elizabeth's mom made cookies and Katie Gregg gave out leftover ice cream from our get-together at Gaynell's house. I just went downstairs to grab some ice cream and then got a cookie from Meghan's room -- delicous! I am quite enjoying the evening. Cleric is having a concert tonight and most of the dorm is eitherthere or out somewhere else. I am taking full advantage of the quiet and am getting a lot of work done! (Except when I'm blog writing!) I invaded Ariel's desk (she has a lot of space on her desk... I like it) and wrote up my doctrinal summary! I like uninterrupted, straight studying. I even find it fun. Rachael yelled, "You're sick! Sick!!!" at me as I left with a "Homework calls!!!" earlier. Next semester is going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to the challenge and working hard! I also want to get a job on top of it all. Plus I'll be involved in a ministry... so basically I haven't really gotten to "busy" yet!

Freshman seminar is over next week! Yay! That makes me very excited! I have some more journal entries and I have to do the LRC orientation thing for my Campus Passport. Last night Gaynell had our small group over to her apartment and we played a few games, ate good food, and listened to Katie tell her engagement story. The short story would be that he took her out in the woods somewhere near his family's cabin (something like that) and she was looking over the stream and suddenly realized there was a message written in rocks in the stream: "Will you marry me?" He then got down on his knee and you know the rest... I hope that if a guy gets down on his knees to propose to me I won't laugh. I think it's fine for everyone else, but I can't imagine a guy doing that to me... but that is probably cuz I'm not in love and have no intentions of falling in love until after college. Haha. It's amazing how many couples dating on campus... basically I think that if you date (court would be better), college should be over with (for the guy more importantly). Of course it's different for everybody, but personally, I don't want to date/court ever while in college. Not the right time. Plus I'm personally not ready for it. So how did I get on that topic?! Oh yeah... freshman sem.

Let me see... since I haven't updated since Tuesday... ok so I went back to NJ for the dentist. I didn't have OT on Thursday so it was ok. I got to go to prayer meeting. Basically I was fine by the time I got to the dentist. I had gotten a piece of something out earlier Wednesday morning and I think that must have been it. At least it wasn't a bone chip. I skipped English class that morning... Billy didn't believe I actually would, but surprise surprise, I did! It was probably the best one to skip because, although we don't really do anything anyway, they apparently did even less of nothing.

After freshman sem, I hung out by the pond and then went back to my room to cleanup before room check. Sunhee rode with me to Gaynell's house. It was fun... didn't get lost. One car got lost, though. I think we were behind them when we left and we sort of got lost because they made a wrong turn. Oh well -- it wasn't hard to figure out. The time at Gaynell's, as I mentioned before, was fun. We played one game for a bit where we wrote categories of "most likely to..." on papers and then we wrote who we thought fit those categories. Dave got most of the categories. "Most likely to be a Russian Communist" There were some really funny ones there. Someone wrote "Most likely to own a house on Mars" and Gaynell had written "Becky and her painted dog." For some reason Gaynell is obsessed with the thought of my painted dog. We also played "Two Truths and a Lie." Most people thought I played the viola, but that was my lie. Ken had his lie as "I went to Russia one time and yelled 'Long live the Communist government!'" Crazy.

Today was good. During the announcements at chapel, Valerie and other girls did "I Feel Pretty" as a preview to "West Side Story." I'm going to it! It starts showing on Thursday and a bunch of us girls are going.

OH YES! I forgot to talk about our "Casino" day in math class! We basically gambled on games using several TI-83 calculators and Monopoly money. We all started with 100 but most lost money. One team double their money. After that we discussed probability and fair prices and all that. Then this morning we only discussed stuff. Mr. VanBilliard went on and on about how he loves games and how he loves crushing people and how competitive he is. Then we discussed whether or not gambling was right or wrong (not referring to wise or unwise). After that, he tossed 2 die on the table and it came up with a 7. He then started a discussion on whether or not God knew that the 7 would come up. He made us think about it for a while and then said "Your answer will tell me a lot about your theology and what you believe about the sovereignty of God." It was an interesting class... since when do we discuss moral issues and sovereignty in MATH CLASS?! Funny.

Ok, where was I? Oh yes... in Teaching Bible, we had our 'worship' service where we combined a lot of methods together using different groups. It was ok...

Doctrine was good... which reminds me of Doctrine on Wednesday. Mr. Krewson told us about this thing called the Messiah cam. There is a webcam on the Mt. of Olives to watch for the return of Christ. If everyone is going to see Him when He comes, why do we need the cam?! Besides, everyone will probably be looking anywhere other than their computers! Really dumb. Krewson said it was done by some Christians who had kinda... and Nick finished it off with "lost their marbles." Anyway!

After class, I went to the Eagle's Nest and started my doctrinal summary. I went down to the student offices afterwards to work on yearbook. That took about an hour and then I went to dinner... and now I'm back in the dorm doing homework (except for right now). Anyway! That's my update! Now it's time to work!!!


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i would like to see the other 43 pictures

Anonymous said...

hey becky... great new site. i've seen blogger before, from jeremy casella and his wife, they have 'em. (jeremy's a cool singer, i went to his concert) ANYHOO, i love the look! are you not doing xanga anymore, or... what?

Katie said...

sorry, that above comment was ME!