Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wheee so it's Thursday and I've worked 42 and a half hours already this week. I'll probably be working about 10 more tomorrow.

Anyway, I got all my grades!!! I wish I had done at least 3 points better in Church History so I would have gotten at least a B. I really thought I would do well on the last exam because I studied a lot and everything. Well I got a C+ in that class. Then I got two B+'s, two A-'s, and two A's. =) My only disappointment is the C+ and the stupid B+ in PE. Hahaha! My GPA did drop, though. Sniffle. My culmulative GPA is now a 3.48 which is what my semester GPA was my first semester. Oh well.

Let's see... Andy has chicken pox. I now call him Spotty. See Spot play computer games. Sit, Spot, sit. See Spot sit. See Spot sit all day and play stupid computer games. Bad Spot. Beam me up, Spotty.

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