Friday, December 01, 2006

One week left.
It's March weather outside, however next Friday it's supposed to have rain/snow showers. Last year, the last day of classes was canceled for a snow day. Maybe that will happen this year! Yay!

Q: Why does PBU conduct White Glove inpsections?

A: The process of White Glove is here to help in your development, as a student. PBU's aim is to work with you in order to show the importance of caring for our facilities. Along with doing our part in keeping the dorms clean throughout the semester, the White Glove inspection allows you to make a final sprint before the end of the semester...thus eliminating the need for room inspection during finals week! The ultimate goal is for the students of PBU (including you) to enjoy them for years to come.

What is "them" referring to? Enjoy room inspection? Or enjoy the rooms? Or enjoy white glove? Is it just me or is there some sort of grammatical error here because "them" is vague?

Integrated Language Arts summary paper: Check
Philosophy essay: Semi-check
Math center: Check
Language Arts Unit: Check (except for one adjustment)
Life Management assigments: Check
Children's Lit Book Notecards: Check
Flat Stanley Project: Check
Lessons to Teach Monday and Tuesday: Check

And you wonder why I like to get ahead?

To Do:
Teach my lessons Monday and Tuesday
Read for Church History
Write a Philosophy final (which we don't know what it's about yet)
Do a take-home Children's Lit project (which we don't know what it's about yet either)
Clean for White Glove


Funny, we are doing nutrition in Life Management and after finding how terribly we eat, I was all ready to go get a salad at the Eagle's Nest... but I got a fried chicken sandwich instead because it looked good. Hah I'm so pathetic. And I discovered caramel carabou (sp?) ice cream is good. And the cafeteria doesn't cook their chicken very well. It was raw. And I'm also upset that they moved the cheese behind the counter to the sub station so if we have a hamburger, we have to wait in line just for a piece of cheese. Oh well. And by the way, I found out I don't like grits... at least grits with apples. The apples were fine but the grits were kinda nasty.

IQWeb finally put up a link to check chapel attendance. I greatly resent what is on my account: "You have nothing to record. You have not gone to chapel." I have gone to chapel! Hmph... it probably isn't recording because I'm exempt. Oh well.


Benaya said...

Finish strong! (im done:-) )

Anonymous said...

You're susposed to eat grits with a littel butter and salt. Or maybe with some sausage gravy - wow they're good that way!

Grits stands for "Grils Raised In The South." SO - unless you;re from south Manila, . . . . .