Sunday, December 17, 2006

Everything I need to know I learned from Day Care

First things first, the semester is over! I'm nervously awaiting my GPA and I hope Mr Field fixes my Church History grade because somehow my 2nd exam is listed as a zero which gave me a nice D- for the class and my GPA dropped terribly. I'm hoping for a decent Children's Lit grade even though she doesn't like my writing skills. *sigh* School is sometimes not cool.

Now for the conversation of the week:
"Are you still a teenager?" -- Allana
"Well.. yeah. I'm 19." -- me
"Yeah, you really are a teenager!" -- Allana
"But I'll be 20 next year." -- me
"WOW! You'll be a full grown woman!" -- Allana

Hahaha. Full grown woman, eh? Maturity... eh, it'll come someday. =)

So let's talk about this past week. I worked Tues-Sat. Wednesday I worked 12 hours. That was pretty crazy, but it was supposed to be 14 and a half! Some of the kids are really getting to be total brats.

Things I've learned from day care:
1) A ah apple. B buh ball. C kah cookie.... Yay! I know the letters!
2) When you get to kindergarten, you know better than all your friends and especially all your teachers.
" How come you always want to be the teacher and never want anyone else to be the teacher?" -- Nicholas, 5 years old, thinks he's 15
3) Discipline must be consistent. The twins used to be cute kids but they are turning into little monsters. If something doesn't go their way, the fall on the floor and start kicking and screaming and slapping things. Battling against their will is a long process and it doesn't help that that's the way they can get their way at home. Ahh!!!

I've learned lots of other things too, like germs are nonexistent to the minds of children, "uh oh" is when you drop everything and run to see what just happened, "it wasn't me" probably means it was, peripheral vision is very handy, etc.

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auds said...

wooohoo.. another semester done!!!! merry christmas becky! stay strong girl...