Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hi people

FINALLY blogspot can be privatized! It doesn't have a tracker so I never know who's viewing and I know there are some people I do not want viewing this thing. So yeah! It is now by invite only. Dontcha feel special?

We passed White Glove yet again. Dean Leuz checked our room. I left a "Merry Christmas, White Glove Inspectors!" note on my desk when I left because I wouldn't be around for the inspection. I came back to a "Thank You" written just below it. Haha.

We're playing a little musical chairs with the laptops right now. I'm using Katrina's laptop because she needed mine to make a presentation using Corel.

Tomorrow is Friday. Last day of classes! And I saw flurries today... too bad it won't be a snow day tomorrow. Last year, the last day of classes was a snow day.

I turned in a rough draft for my Integrated Language Arts class summary paper (our final) and Dr A emailed me and told me it looks great! YAY! One less thing to worry about. Now to figure out how to respond to a happy agnostic for my final Philosophy paper... and I wish Dr Minto would put up the info for our other final that is due on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!

Peace out kiddies. There are pics and other things to say but I quit.

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