Monday, May 08, 2006

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Once upon a time, there were 2 girls. Their names were Kaitlyn and Becky. They were friends. Awww. They lived in a big house with a big yard and a big rabbit. They were big idiots who pulled big all-nighters. Kaitlyn was big-ly smart and Becky was big-ly dumb. They complete each other. But all the same, since they were big girls in kindergarten, they've been big friends. Now they're big girls in college. Anyway, Becky is a big girl who can fly on an airplane all by herself! She doesn't even have her mommy holding her hand or her daddy figuring out what gate is coming next. This could pose a big problem. Kaitlyn is a big girl too. She went on a big trip once herself, all by herself, and she didn't even get big-ly lost.

Big bunny trail: Kaitlyn has big eyes. She can read this from the top of her big bunkbed.

Anyway, Kaitlyn has to check her big grades. I shall return.

She has no big grades.

Anyway, Becky and Kaitlyn had a big party consisting of the two of them at her house so that Becky would be able to sleep on the big trip when she flies the big plane. Kaitlyn is feeling very sleepy, but Becky is wide awake because she's simply amazing. Kaitlyn is big-ly tired.

We are going to go to the big Donut place and then the big grocery store to get Splenda.

I shall be back in a big while. Stay tuned for more big news.

KANSAS -- What's the pig deal?!

Kaitlyn is taking a big bath. So I'm still here to talk and talk with big ideas.

Anyway.... Enough of this big stuff. It's driving me crazy. Can you tell I haven't slept? I need to take my contacts out. I think I'll wear my glasses on the plane.

Hmm... so anyway, at 3am, we watched "Shadowlands" which is a movie about C.S. Lewis and his wife. According to Kaitlyn, most of it is pretty accurate until the end. The end is absolutely pathetic. It's such an agnostic ending. The movie concentrated on Lewis' thing on suffering... and in the end, the closing line was "He chose suffering." So basically, it was a depressing, almost hopeless ending -- something that I don't think C. S. Lewis meant at all. He did have a thing about suffering, but he wasn't that bad. It wasn't an amazing movie that I'd necessarily watch again, but it was interesting. His Narnia stories are much more interesting.

Kait isn't even in the shower yet, so I shall begin to type about my life. Let me see... where to start... I need my organizer so I know what happened. In fact, I shall do that on the plane, not now cuz I want it to be organized. Ang galing... Hah.

P.S. Andrea was baptized yesterday. =)

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Chuck said...

You haven't even left yet and I mis you already!!!!

Have a safe flight - praying for you.

Say to you M&D for me.