Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Do you like our house?

HAH!!! This is what they did to our old house on Lovell Street! What are the pillars for?! It looks like a mini embassy!


Chuck said...

WOW! I don't even recognize it. Is the old house somewhere under there or did they tear it down first?

Now all they need is a pizza oven - GRINING.

P.S. My word today is "urdres"

Chuck said...

Whenever you're around here you are always asking if we miss you - "Do you miss me yet?" "Do you miss me yet?"

Now you go away and do we hear anything from you? I think not! Not even a small quick posting or anything.

So I guess its only a one-way street. Huh? We're susposed to miss you and feel guilty if we don't. But you, oh you, you can just drop off the other side of the world and no one is susposed to care.

Well, TOUGH to you!!! We do care and we're mad and fired up about this treatment of us. WE WANT PICTURES AND POSTINGS!!!!!!

P.S. My word today is NVNWOH