Monday, May 15, 2006

La de da

I'm not even going to try to catch up.

Anyway, finals week went well. On Thursday, Danae, Christy, Chris, Danae, Sun Hee, and I went to a Korean restaurant. That was a lot of fun. The food was good -- especially this one spicy dish. And the rice was good too. Hehe.

I packed up and left school around 12:30 on Friday and spend the next two days packing and getting ready. Saturday night I took Susie shopping. Then Sunday night I pulled an all-nighter at Kaitlyn's! It certainly worked. I slept 10 out of the 12 hours on the flight from Detroit to Japan.

Ok, so I got back home and I said all that. Ok, Thursday Pastor Rene and Tita Vangie came over for lunch and so did Joash because he had to teach tae kwon do to the homeschoolers at church. We went to Pancit Ni Peedee to socialize before going over to church. Joash's taekwondo teaching was pretty good, actually, except the kids are so forgetful. Joash is a lazy teacher though -- he barely joined them in the stretches and stuff. Haha. I was holding a big, fat rectangle thing that they use for practicing kicking. Wow, Joash can really kick. I almost got knocked over.

Friday was the youth Bible study. That was a lot of fun. In spite of the typhoon, a lot of people showed up. We played a really fun drawing game where you had to roll the die to draw certain parts of the picture. Hapi slept over Friday night.

Saturday we went to prayer meeting and then I spent the day with Elot. Tita Monina was OD for church lunch, so we went along to get food at SMB. Then we stopped by the restaurant and then I went to Elot's house for a bit. Twas fun... and rainy.

Sunday was good. Dad preached in the morning and then Tito Alex in the evening. The youth Bible study has improved in that the youth actually talk a lot and there is a lot more interaction. After the BS, I went to Elot's for a while... then after church, we went to PD's (although he was gone for most of the time and it was just the Arcibals, the three Seveses kids and me). Tita Leila was commenting on how many kids she had -- 11 of us! Hehe. (Hey, after you have 7, 4 more must not make much of a difference.)

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