Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back in the Philippines!

Well, I'm back... haha, funny thing happened when I got back. I took my boxes to Andy's room and then the doorbell rang and it was Joash and Hapi. I was downstairs talking to them for an hour and a half when Dad made me carry my backpack to my room where Elot, Ate Tin, Ate Elaine, Jobel, and Eunice, all wearing pig masks, jumped out at me! They had been waiting there for an hour and a half for me to come up because Joash and Hapi ruined it. Hahaha! Then I went downstairs and the Sevs, and Keng were there. Keng had actually been standing outside the gate with the mosquitos for the longest time. Twas funny. Then the Arcibal girls, Eunice, and Jobel stayed overnight -- puyat over! Eunice and I talked until 4am. So therefore, I got about 2 and a half hours of sleep last night.

Anyway, so much for updating about the past few weeks. I shall do it eventually, but this is what I got done while I was in Japan:

So I’m in the Nagoya airport now, about 3 hours from home! I did manage to pull the all-nighter with Kait, so I was basically up from 7am Sunday morning to 12:30 in the afternoon on Monday. (Except for an hour and a half nap on Sunday afternoon.) I slept a tiny bit on the way to Detroit. The girl next to me was an exchange student from Argentina. I think I overdid the whole sleep-when-Manila-is-sleeping thing. I totally missed dinner, mid-flight-snack, and the "green tea" call. Out of the 12 hour flight, I slept 10 hours. Haha. I did manage to wake up for the last 10 minutes of "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe." So now I’m in the airport waiting to board in about 30 mins. The wireless thing here barely works. The one that says "Free-public-wireless" has strong signal, but nothing comes through.
The only good thing about breakfast was the fruit. The rest of it wasn’t the nicest... I think cafeteria food is better than airplane food. =)
Oh yes, this belongs on the tattle blog, but I’ll put it here: ANDY MISSED A TURN ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Amazing! Wonders never cease as long as you never cease to wonder. He was talking to Kait and all of a sudden she said, "Didn’t you want to be in that other lane?" Tsk tsk.
The kid next to me is playing a computer game. Hah, Sunday night, I was talking to Joash and he was in an internet cafĂ© reading over someone’s shoulder. The girl was chatting with some Indian guy. I told Joash that the girl could be reading over his shoulder as he was telling us all about it. Of course he didn’t care.
I’m not really sure where I stopped updating. I put pictures up of Catherine’s birthday... I think that was the last. I got lost going to her house, but what else is new? Then there was more homework===========
and that's where it ended.


Benaya said...

ah I see, you mean I should do this: Have a new window pop up for others to leave messages on, instead of having it be my main page doing the moving? Right. Ok, I will try and change it. Thanks for the tip:-) have fun with all that good food! :-)

Benaya said...

My parents leave here the 30th of this month of May. They should be at Word of Life around June 2, then they begin unpacking:-)