Saturday, November 24, 2007

Of cold feet, senioritis, and so on

Can you have senioritis 10 credits away from being a senior?

My feet are cold.

And so on.

Ok, ok. So Thanksgiving day I drove back to NJ. I brought Cyprus along because she lives in a nearby town. That made the trip pass quickly. I am bringing her back to school tomorrow. Then let's see... I made hats and pretended to do homework. Then Aunt Annie, Uncle Don, and John came over. We played a very cool bowling game that Grandfather made.

Friday... I did homework... yeah, I did. I wrote a paper. Go me! It was on Asperger's Syndrome. Fascinating. Except I'd rather read about it than write about it. Then Andy and I went to Catherine's house. We stopped by the Carlson's to get the kids. Mrs Carlson gave me these handy-dandy foot warmer things. They were adhesive and you put them on top of your socks. They work amazingly well! They wear out within a few hours.

We attempted to teach everyone Moro-moro, but it was a flop. We then proceeded to play freeze tag. In the process, I nearly broke my leg. I was chasing Stephen and I jumped on a bunch of rocks and then slipped and twisted my leg underneath me. Andy was the only one who saw it thankfully. I couldn't get up for a while because it really hurt. I tend to have a high pain tolerance but for some reason I was pretty close to crying. (I didn't though) I finally sat up and decided it was broken and then figured pretending it didn't happen was the best way. Haha. Except now it still really hurts and I can't turn my leg inside to the right. Oh well.

Hmm... then Kaitlyn and I decided to bond. She wanted to take me to see this movie "Enchanted" so we did. It was hilarious -- basically Disney making a spoof of their old princess movies. I think it was more amusing for us since we both grew up with Snow White and Cinderella. So that was fun. Then I realized I didn't have my cars keys with me which means I didn't have a door key. On top of that, the house was remodeled so byebye spare key. I tried calling Andy but his phone was on silent. I threw pebbles at his window. Sooo I slept over at Kait's and dragged her out of bed nice an early with my cheery "GOOD MORNING SUGAR PLUM!!!!!!!!" greeting. I offered to sing "Rise and shine, lazy sleepy head, get those lazy bones out of the bed! Rise and shine, lazy sleepy head, get up and serve the Lord!"

Then I got home, got distracted with yarn... and then cracked down and did a lot of homework. Go me. Ok enough. Bye.

PS Oh yes -- I taught the whole table the fascination of loose finger flicking. I showed John and got him into it and then the rest of the table tried it. Andy and I think Grandmother can't bend their finger straight at their second knuckle. I wonder if it's hereditary. Anyway, it's fun: bend your finger at your right knuckle so your finger looks like an upside down L. Then flick the tip of your finger. Go for it. You'll be amused for a while.


somecallmemom said...

Like the pics, reading and writing about Asperger's Syndrome sure beats having it, are the handy-dandy foot warmer things reusable or disposable, never did like Moro-moro, hope the hip is feeling better, your's isn't the only generation that grew up on Snow White, was the addition door even locked, and I can bend my fingers straight at the second knuckle! I enjoyed the post ... thanks.

Keena said...

The girls and I are watching Enchanted tonight. =) I spent the entire afternoon going through old stuff and I found our Cebu pictures and had so much fun going through them... But I still ended up depressed because I miss you so much. (Aw, how sweet).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE come and visit your sisters in Cebu before you turn 60 (or we die from broken hearts and deadly diseases).