Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy November 1st! Except nobody really understands that or thinks about that here. Oh well. Yesterday, one of my Calvanistic friends said "Happy Reformation Day!" to me. Last night there were some interesting characters walking around. I went to class though... and then to the mall with Jessi to look for something for Elena's birthday. It was quite unsuccessful on my part. But I ran into a former co-worker from Chick-fil-A who now works at Claire's. She said that the former operators at Chick-fil-A lost the store yesterday. No surprise, really. Apparently the night crew was quite wild and there were complaints and Corporate came and watched the store in the food court and finally cracked down and took over the store. There is a reason I never went back to Chick-fil-A. I would love to work at the new one, though. It's very well-run, and several of the team leaders are PBU students. However, I am very happy with my 6hr a week job on campus! I really have no idea how I used to work at Chick-fil-A 14-20 hrs a week! Crazy.

Anyway, I figured I should post something to say I'm alive. My guinea pig died apparently. :( So sad. I wish I could have a guinea pig here. Dad, are you going to get another guinea pig???? Guinea pigs make good pets.

I was given back an hr and fifteen minutes of time today! I was sooo close to skipping class, but I decided to be a responsible grad student and I went to class only to find out it was canceled. Sadly, it was because my professor's husband had to go to the hospital. He had a heart attack out in Arizona last week during MACSA and Mrs Rivera went out to take care of him. He had a heart attack and had bypass surgery and a stint placed in him. Apparently he is really sick again so she had to take him to the hospital this morning. So pray he gets better. Dr A's husband is also having heart problems as well. Anyway, I utilized my time effectively by writing another lesson plan.

So in chapel there was this "Reverend" from Trenton. He had the whole preacher collar thing. Funny, last night at the MuKappa dinner, Danny, Jessi, and Analee (from Guatemala/Spain, Mexico, and Brazil) and I all said that our first thought was "WE HAVE A PRIEST SPEAKING TODAY?!?!" Haha, we all grew up in Catholic countries. He did have the whole parson voice going.

So today I have to go to ministry, tutor, and do lots of homework. Chanhthu is visiting which is exciting. She was Katrina's roommate last year and now neither of them are at PBU. There are open dorms in Stillman and Souder tonight too. That should be fun. Matt made a video for chapel on it... I don't think it's online yet. If it ever comes on I'll post it here. It's funny... it's all about how Souder has Cooties (girl's dorm).

Anyway I need to go head over to Kiddie College. I found out I need a new ministry next semester because the roster lied. I have a 3 hr class on Thursday, not Tuesday. Grrr. Oh well. Maybe I'll tutor with Colleen at a school nearby.


Andrew said...

My Professor canceled class wednesday night as well, but it was because he had errors in his Powerpoint slides... I hope your prof's husband feels better.


somecallmemom said...

Thanks ... I was missing you!