Friday, May 04, 2007

SPRING SEMESTER IS OVER!!! So far I only have 3 grades in, so it makes me look really smart... until the rest of the grades come in and pull it down again. So far I have an A and two A-'s! I took a Dr A exam and it took me an hour and a half and I had to redo the first half because I realized something I had done wrong. I got a 97!!!!!!! (I could have gotten a 98 but I made a STUPID mistake) Yes!!! So now it says I have a 3.79. I wonder what it will look like when everything is in. Agh.

Let's see... I spent the day moving! Such a pain! I moved one carload of stuff down to Heritage this morning and then Walter was on main campus with his truck and he took my fridge (aka "ref") down. I didn't really unpack in Heritage because I'm lazy. Then I ate lunch outside on the walkway (the graduation banquet was today so we had to go to the Eagle's Nest and the plates were styrofoam so I went outside. It was gorgeous today!!!! Then I went to work and announced that I had no desire to be there because it was sooo nice out and Sarah said she didn't care if I left early. Sweet! I only stayed an hour and just got the mail out which was the only thing that really needed to be done. Then I spent the next two hours loading my car with NJ stuff and cleaning. Since then I've been hanging out in Heritage except for the time I went walking all over campus looking for Laura so we could get pizza. Zeeno's Pizza turned into the second PBU cafeteria. All the hungry students were down there. Haha. We ate our pizza outside on a hill because it was so nice out.

Tonight I am going to watch "Facing the Giants" (some sort of sports movie about a Christian guy or something... Colleen likes it) with Colleen and Elena and company and go to bed. I have to clean out the rest of my room and go to the graduation and then leave.

Yesterday we girls went to the park for Cyprus's birthday. It was LOVELY! We spent most of the time doing cartwheels, tossing Walter's very useless frisbee, and taking pictures. Next semester, to kick it off, we're going to dress up and have a tea party by the stream at the park. =) I'll post pics some other time (including ones from Easter and everything after that... life has been too busy lately!).

What are some past events...
* Student Appreciation Banquet. Now that was fun. The profs were all in aprons (except Mr Oliff) and were waiting on our tables. It's fun to have Dr Benware and Dr Hirt fight over tables. Haha. It was highly amusing.
* Fiddler on the Roof was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!!

Yeah there was probably more but it kinda got lost in studies and I don't remember anything anymore. Oh well!

Anyway I have nothing else to do. Soooo see you!

PS This post was quite short, UC. Happy???

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Chuck said...

Glad to see you're back. I thought something bad happened to you.

What about Wilber??

Will U B in NJ on May 14-16? I might be there @ that time.

UC - A Legend in His Own Mind!!