Friday, May 11, 2007

All my grades are in. You know what's depressing? I was one class away from a 3.84! If Mr Allen changes my one grade (he forgot to put in all my 2 Corinthians questions) I will have a 3.68. It's sad how one grade makes you drop so far! But still, I am very thankful to God for helping me through all 18 credits! And now I am going to try even harder!

OT Wisom Books: A-
Pauline Epistles: B- (Should be B)
Prophetic Books 1: A-
Ed Tech: A
Emergent Literacy: A-
Foundations of Special Ed: A
Integrating Music/Art/Health/PE: A

Grading system at PBU is generally:
A = 95-100
A- = 93-94
B+ = 91-92
B = 87-90
B- = 85-86
C+ = 83-84
C = 79-82
C- = 77-78
D+ - 75-76
etc, etc

I wish there were no such thing as A-'s like most schools! Haha! I have decided that school is addicting. Once you get on a roll, you just want to keep pushing. Yeah, very addicting. And the fact that our grading system is so hard, it pushes you even more. Maybe that's part of the whole "molding young men and women of character" thing. Something about teaching discipline maybe? No wonder nobody graduated Summa Cum Laude! (3.9 and above)

Oh yes... the hike. It was longer than we had anticipated. We thought it was around 9 miles, but it was more like 14miles. Surprisingly, I'm not that sore! It was quite fun except for the fact that we had 2 water bottles between the three of us. We got gatorade at the end. After the first 10 minutes, we thought we had reached Sunrise Mt. Then we realized we hadn't and we walked for about an hour and got to a fire tower. We thought we had then reached Sunrise Mt but the fire dude on top of the tower showed us we had barely even made progress. Haha! We finally reached it and we were dying for water. There was a random motorcycle dude who wasn't too bright and Kait asked him if there was a water fountain at the parking lot about 100 meters down the path. The guy said "Well there's a porta-potty..." HA! Catherine and I cracked up. Anyway, we hiked almost 6 hrs straight w/ a few one minute breaks here and there. So by the end we were quite tired. Catherine and I were way ahead Kait and we were waiting for her at one point and suddenly we heard this noise and it was Kait filling the forest with her singing. She was singing "On the Street Where You Live." It certainly filled the forest!

We started the hike talking a lot (mostly about our mothers and the things they used to do when they were our age and what we'd be like when we're mothers) and towards the end we were just too tired. Oh and we talked about why on earth our parents let us go on a hike without an adult present.. and then we realized we're supposedly legal adults. Haha. Kait nearly killed us while driving home... ok, not that bad. But we were thinking how stupid it would be to die in a car accident pulling out of the state park where we had just hiked 14 or so miles! So Catherine called her mom and told her how far we had hiked so in case we died, at least the parents would know how far we hiked. Haha.

We went to Friendly's at the end. I still think it was a shame to put back all the calories lost. Haha. I had salad and soup for dinner and I shared some type of brownie thing w/ Kait.


somecallmemom said...

For someone who grew up in the tropics, you should have known that one bottle of water wasn't going to get you even nine miles!

And, you didn't call to say goodbye to your parents! Keep us in mind next time!!

Thanks for posting all the pics!!

dad said...

The hike sounds like the Pulag adventure. Remember we kept thinking the ranger station was just around the next corner? Until we finally crashed at 9pm and still had to hike a while in the am to get there the next day?